Aug 28, 2011

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Ao no Exorcist episode 20

Woohoo, now this is what I call action! We’ve finally arrived at the good part. Rin, who’s once again under attack by an unknown enemy, is growing stronger with each passing day. And it seems that his enemies have finally started to notice of his growth.

During this episode it’s Rin’s friends who get attacked. It started with his friends back at the church, where Rin used to live a ‘normal’ life. The victims weren’t exactly dead, they were wrapped by this so-called magical web, unable to escape. This wasn’t your everyday spider-web. It was a magical substance, one so powerful that the medical personnel didn’t even know how to dissolve it.

It was clear that the culprit was after Rin, mainly because he’s the son of Satan. Once again Rin’s bloodline comes back to haunt him. All that’s left to do is to train, get stronger and defeat any and all enemies that might cross your path. Rin did exactly that. With the help of the always lovely Kirigakure, Rin managed to obtain basic control over his demonic flames. This was a huge first step for Rin, in his quest to defeat his father, king of all that is evil.

But yet another unexpected event occurred right after that. Well, I wouldn’t go about calling it unexpected, after all.. He’s a demon with an evil background. Mephisto was placed under arrest, although he walked away, by the current Paladin, under suspicion of creating artificial life forms.

Now this is where it gets even more interesting. It’s time for Rin to put all this training to the test. Rin barges in to the school cafeteria, where his friends and brother are being held hostage by that unknown enemy, and turns up the heat, literally. It turns out that Rin’s flames possesses the ability of dissolving the enemy’s magical web. Using his flames in a controlled state, Rin managed free his friends from those nasty webs. Rin, tired of being powerless, mounted an attack on his enemy and managed to knock her out of the window using his powerful flames. Once on the ground and the mask was removed, it turned out that it was not professor Neuhaus, who was suspected of being the culprit, but some unknown woman. She quickly regains consciousness and flees, only to be chased by professor Neuhaus. Unfortunately, the others did not realize and captured professor Neuhaus instead using Kirigakure’s poison fang attack. Professor Neuhaus then shared some very startling news. Apparently that woman, who attacked Rin and the others, was none other than his wife.

My, my.. This was quite the exciting episode. At the end you could see an exorcist approaching the sulking Yukio, who wasn’t able to protect Rin this time. It seems there was someone who wanted to meet the depressed Yukio. I have my suspicions of who it could be, but I rather not spoil it!

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Aug 28, 2011

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No.6 episodes 07 & 08

Good, very good. It’s nice to see that the story is finally getting a lot more interesting. The previous episodes left me wondering several things, things that have been answered in these episodes.

I had thought that Shion would’ve discovered Safu’s situation by himself. Obviously I was mistaken, Nezumi ended up telling him the truth after all. Sure, Shion was pissed off, but he did show understanding.

Shion, as I predicted, has made the search for Safu his top priority. Wanting to save Safu and bring the organization behind No.6 down, Shion and Nezumi set out for some sort of underground maze, in order to meet up a certain man. This man turned out to be none other than one of the professors behind No.6 and everything that city stands for. This man seemed to know practically everything about No.6 and the people running it. He shared some information with the boys after hearing out Shion’s entire story. He then gave Shion some sort of chip, claiming it has all the information about No.6 on it. This is where I got very suspicious.. Why did he give it just like that? And I can’t help but to notice several similarities between that man and Shion. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that man turned out to be Shion’s father.

Speaking about fatherly candidates, I think that Rikiga has a good chance too. In both episodes  he shows an abnormal amount of interest in Shion, wanting to know everything about him, getting worked up about his safety and whatnot. I think it’s still too early to decide, but at this point it’s Rikiga who’s more likely to be the father.

Moving on to a less important but very interesting development… Shion kissed Nezumi! On the mouth! HAX! CHEATS! This character confuses me to no end. Nezumi is the sole survivor of the Forest People. And in the scene that showed the survivor, you could clearly see a little girl with long hair and grey/silver eyes. This specific scene made me doubt Nezumi’s gender. I haven’t read the manga, so I can’t be too sure, but this character really confused me during these two episodes. Nezumi acts and speaks like a boy pretty much all the time, except for when he/she is on stage.

As for Shion’s upcoming quest to Save Safu and bring the organization behind No.6 down, I still stand by the statement I made in my previous No.6 post. I think that the bakery, owned by Shion’s mother, is going to be used as a safe house for Shion and his allies. That would be, at least at this point, a logical and strategic decision.

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Aug 27, 2011

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Mayo Chiki episode 08

Alright. We have arrived at episode eight, and a great episode it was too. Kinjirou and his lady friends finally arrive at a hot spring. But not just any hot spring, one that is somewhat owned by Kanade’s family. Needless to say that the naughty Kanade is up to no good.

It doesn’t take too long for the story to develop. It’s pretty standard stuff. Kinjirou, unable to fall asleep, decides to get in the hot spring where, as I’m sure you can predict yourself, he finds himself alone with Subaru. Subaru, thinking that she was alone, was startled by Kinjirou’s appearance and freaks out. Now this is where you’ll find an unexpected twist. Subaru’s father suddenly shows up, wanting to bathe in the hot spring himself. Kinjirou quickly hides Subaru behind his back, hoping her father wouldn’t notice. Luckily for him that Subaru’s father isn’t that, shall we say… ‘Sharp’ because he did not notice at all. He just exchanged words with Kinjirou and left after getting annoyed by Kinjirou’s presence.

Yeah.. So that was pretty much it.. NOT! Subaru’s father appears yet again, this time with Subaru’s panties in his hands. The man is furious, thinking Kinjurou was up to no good, and suddenly mounts an attack on Kinjirou. This is where Subaru joins in, merely to give her father a free ticket to dream land with the help of a flying kick, in order to protect Kinjirou. You know how they say that; “what goes up, must come down”? Well they couldn’t be more right. Subaru landed beautifully in front of Kinjirou, completely naked for Kinjirou to see. It didn’t take her much time to send Kinjirou off to dream land as well.

Pretty exciting start for an episode, don’t you think? Well, it’s not over yet! We now arrive at a festival where everyone participates. But before all that, Subaru took Kinjrou, after he found out about it, thanks to her father, to see her mother’s grave. It was an emotion moment, as to be expected, which ended up in a lot of hugging and Kinjirou passing out because of all that hugging.

Now back at that festival where things are getting lively. It seems that someone, you probably already know who, organized a competition where everyone gets a paintball gun. The last person standing gets kissed by Subaru. When all is said and done, it’s between the drunk Nakuru, who defeated Kinjirou’s sister, Kanade and of course Kinjirou. Kanade, who took out pretty much everyone, took hold of Kinjirou’s glasses and threatened to destroy them. The glasses-fetishist Nakuru wouldn’t hear of it and obeyed kanade’s every word. The devious Kanade threw a fake set of glasses in to the air, in order for Nakuru to catch them. Kanade wanted to win no matter what, so she, as expected, took care of Kinjirou too.

Personally, I think it’s only a matter of time before Subaru and Kinjirou find themselves in a relationship. That much is to be expected, but we’ll see what happens.


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Aug 26, 2011

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That’s right. This geek has finally returned from his break. And yes, even geeks take breaks.

Thanks to all who visited the site, hoping to find something new. But not to worry, this geek has returned!

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Aug 18, 2011

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 225

I already had a feeling that the following episodes would be fillers, and obviously.. I was right.

Putting Naruto and his team on a ship, only to be attacked by a giant crab, fill much? This episode was really unnecessary and once again cost me 20 minutes of my life. The manga is so far ahead, I don’t see the point of releasing fillers at this stage. Just let Naruto meet up with Killer Bee already.

You immediately know it’s a filler from the start, as you see Yamato telling ghost stories on some ship. As for the next couple of episodes, I don’t see any real promise in those. It is known that they like to release multiple fillers before going back to the real story, in order to give the manga more time to get ahead.

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