Sep 30, 2011

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Mayo Chiki episode 13

What the hell? Every anime information site I’ve visited over the past week stated that Mayo Chiki would only have twelve episodes. A week later and episode thirteen suddenly arrives, with any and all anime information sites now saying that Mayo Chiki has thirteen episodes. I think it’s very strange, but it did make my day.

All I can say about this episode, summarized in one word, is FINALLY! They finally focused on Nakuru. They started out with Nakuru working on her manga, but she couldn’t find the inspiration to continue, she had only finished the first half. She called Kureha, Masamune, and later on Kanade and Subaru for their help.

They changed locations every time, hoping Nakuru would get inspired in order to finish her work. Nakuru went shopping for clothing, manga, but none of that seemed to help. She was thrown off her game because a boy confessed to her, something that surprisingly didn’t happen to her a lot. She didn’t know how to deal with it, she was very insecure, mainly about her breasts. She was under the impression that her breasts were way too big, apparently not knowing that most boys her age love big breasts.

She went to Kinjirou’s house and asked him out on a date, hooray! She wanted to get rid of her insecurity, and she thought that Kinjirou could help her with that. They went out for a picnic as soon as it became dark outside. Both sat there on a bench talking, when it came to light that Nakuru was very insecure about her breasts, after which Kinjirou told her that everyone has insecurities, that it’s normal to feel that way. Nakuru thought that it would help her to push her breasts onto Kinjirou, hoping that his reaction would be normal, and that he wouldn’t pass out because those huge funbags were pressing up against him. It ended pretty normally, Nakuru was satisfied with how their date turned out, she finished her manga on time and she gained some self-confidence.

That’s all very cute, but I couldn’t possibly see this episode as the end of Mayo Chiki. It didn’t look like an ending at all, if anything it just screamed “To be continued!” as soon as those two ended their date. There were no credits, there are many questions that still need answering and several relationships that have barely started. There is more Mayo Chiki coming, that much is obvious.

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Sep 29, 2011

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 230

Geez. They are really testing my patience. Last week’s episode was one big disaster, but from the looks of it it’ll only get worse. These fillers have been going on for several weeks now, it’s about time they resumed the manga’s story.

This week’s episode was even worse. Naruto and the rest of the crew sailed straight into a storm, showing several unknown characters that I’ve never seen before. Naruto had to use his shadow clones in order for them to help out. They finally managed to get through the storm unharmed but they were exhausted, the mast, which had taken some damage, broke down, causing one of those metal round thingies to fall down towards Naruto. One of Naruto’s shadow clones saw it coming and pushed Naruto out of the way in order to save him.

Naruto, now unconscious, ends up in dreamland. This entire episode was about Naruto’s nightmare, about how his shadow clones started a rebellion, wanting to take his identity. What’s more disturbing is that he dreamt about Guy Sensei in speedo’s, seriously. It was just one big scene where they were battling naruto’s four shadow clones. I think they went for the funny approach when making this, but the only face I could make during this 20 minutes, was my ‘I-have-to-take-a-shit-but-it-won’t-come-out’ face.

I really hope they’ll resume the main story soon, otherwise I’m afraid I’ll lose interest in this too, just like with Bleach.

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Sep 28, 2011

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Operations resumed, commander!

Well, I quickly, after losing my motherboard and CPU cooler, to the local computer shop today to buy new parts. Once again I realized how much of a geek I am, I felt like a little boy entering a candy store. Everywhere I looked there were all sorts of goodies that I wanted to have, including some weird-looking Plexiglas PC case, which looked pretty well made.

Like I said in my post yesterday, I wouldn’t go back to MSI. So I managed to get a hold of an ASRock motherboard, which was one of the few compatible motherboards available. It’s a bit smaller in design compared to its predecessor, but it’s a newer build so it should be fine.

I kept looking until I found the Zalman CNPS7500 LED cooler that was compatible with all my hardware, especially with my Zalman LCD fan controller. So yeah, I caught a lucky break, it was their last one.

I’m fully operational again, everything worked out fine and no problems thus far. Want to see the photos? Continue reading!

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Sep 28, 2011

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Kamisama Dolls episode 13

Nice! I liked this episode, even though the ending was pretty weird. But I liked the ending above all else, it shows that there will be more Kamisama Dolls in the future. I can’t wait!

This episode rocked. First and foremost; Kukuri completely annihilated Mahiru’s doll, which was very surprising, because Utao and Kukuri are a pretty new and inexperienced team. But Kukuri got damaged in the last episode, and I thought Kukuri was still going to safe Kyouhei. Instead Kukuri went on a rampage and pulled some new stuff out of its arsenal and defeated Magatsuhi, while Kyouhei and Hibino both got saved by Koushirou and his doll.

The death of Magatsuhi, Mahuri’s doll, pretty much put an end to all the conflict. Everyone now retreats and Kyouhei gets taken to the hospital, where he slept peacefully until he awoke screaming; “NOOO!! Hibino’s mine!” out of the blue. Everyone was shocked but not really surprised. Kyouhei retreats to the roof to think about what he said, but Hibino soon joins him. She told him that she didn’t like how he put it, that she was not anybody’s property, but despite that she was still very happy. Apparently she was so happy that she took a hold of Kyouhei and gave him one hell of a kiss. Finally! It’s about time their relationship progressed to a new level, too bad it only happened right at the very end.

I’m happy for Kyouhei, but his happiness won’t last long. Aki soon drops by to talk with Kyouhei, but the conversation between the two wasn’t that hostile at all, it was almost like there were good friends. But Aki’s news wasn’t all that good. It seems that the four-legged Kekkaishi that Kyouhei supposedly destroyed in the past, didn’t actually die. It somehow managed to regenerate and is now possession of the Hyuga’s elder, who is still looking for someone strong enough to control it.

I know there will be a second season, it’s so obvious when you look at how this all ended. I think that Kyouhei will regain his status as Kukuri’s seki, and that he will go after this four-legged monster with the help of Aki. Things are going to be a lot more interesting from now on.

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Sep 27, 2011

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Burn baby burn!

Boy did my PC burn alright. I smelled something disgusting early in the afternoon, so I went upstairs to check it out and saw smoke coming from my PC.

I picked that sucker up and hurried downstairs to dump that bastard in the garden. I hurried to get my fire extinguisher in case I would need it. The smoke quickly stopped so I opened up the case when I saw that my motherboard had been fried. Even the computer case had a black burned spot on the inside.

Luckily, from the looks of it, all my other hardware remained unharmed. All that’s left is for me to go out and buy a new motherboard tomorrow. This MSI motherboard wasn’t even that old though. It was my first MSI motherboard ever, and it’ll be my last for now.

Want to see the photos? Continue reading!

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