Nov 30, 2011

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Koi-ken! Dating sim gets anime!

Koi-ken!, a popular dating simulation game on DeNA’s social networking site Mobage, is being adapted into a mobile phone anime early next year. The game, began in January of 2010 and has a 3-million-user base, depicts the campus life of members of Renai Kenkyūkai (The Society for the Study of Romance) or “Koi-ken.”

The voice cast of the game and the Koi-ken! ~Watashi-tachi Anime ni Nacchatta!~ (Koi-ken! We’ve Been Animated!) anime includes Haruka Tomatsu (Kaede Wakamiya), Kaori Nazuka (Nagisa Toyama), Ryoko Shintani (Sakura Akagi), Aki Toyosaki (Wakaba Otowa),Kikuko Inoue (Haruka Kikui), Rie Kugimiya (Mari Kikui), and Sakura Tange(Hotaru Yamabuki).


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Nov 30, 2011

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Naruto’s Rock Lee spin-off gets anime!

The inaugural monthly issue of Shueisha‘s Saikyō Jump magazine is announcing on Saturday that an anime adaptation of Kenji Taira’s Naruto spinoff manga Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden is launching. The gag comedy manga centers around the secondary Naruto character Rock Lee.

Shueisha already published the first of four seasonal issues of Saikyō Jump last December, but the magazine is becoming a monthly periodical as of this Saturday. Taira launched Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden in that first seasonal issue last December.

Source: Manga News

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Nov 30, 2011

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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon episode 09

We once again dive into a world where politics are as weird as any local “blue bar.”  They somehow managed to raise the weirdness level even higher as their debate. It’s still as amusing as ever though, despite all the weird things that go on in this anime.

The story continues as Galileo stands firm against Futayo. If it weren’t for the interference of the King and Queen then the fight would’ve continued. But this peace was only short lived as the battle rages on. It was a tie, so another battle had to take place. Kimi, Toori’s older sister, decided to step up and help out.

Kimi’s way of fighting is just too weird. I must say; could they have made her breasts any bigger? My god. Kimi uses that voluptuous body as a weapon by dancing and singing in an erotic way. It seems that by doing that she becomes almost untouchable, yes, almost. We mustn’t take Futayo lightly though, she has the speed and power capable of penetrating Kimi’s defenses.

It actually got to a point where Futayo’s attacks no longer worked. Kimi actually slapped her and gave her advice on how to fight. This pretty much ended the fight, resulting in another win for the school.

Toori and Horizon, after Kimi won the battle, got appointed as the King’s assistants, both with their own special privilege.  Innocentius was shocked and didn’t like it at all, he tried to stop it by getting hostile. It’s a good thing that the students pay attention, they managed to find a loophole in the law that temporarily restricts Innocentius from making any judgment on the matter.

Toori now goes on yet another quest for world peace, and to bring back Horizon, of course. People now actually recognize him as a King. Who would’ve known? He almost became the King of Musashi when Kimi won the battle, unfortunately Yoshinao had no intention of stepping down as the king, which is why he appointed Toori and Horizon as his assistants.

It’s getting very interesting now as they all set out on another quest. The anime, by my count, has four episodes left, so I hope that they don’t rush the end.

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Nov 30, 2011

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Chihayafuru episode 09

You guys will never guess what happened to me a few days ago. I mentioned Karuta at work and there were two people that actually played it before. It seems that even here people play it during group outings and whatnot. I honestly did not know that, and the fact that Karuta was discussed was purely because it accidently slipped out.

Anyway, the story continues with Chihaya’s hard work to form a Karuta club. She now has the minimum amount of members so their club finally got approved, although under the condition that Chihaya isn’t the president. I sort of laughed at that, but it does make sense, which is why they appointed Taichi to fill that spot.

They sure didn’t waste time. They immediately started practicing for the upcoming Karuta tournament. This would, if I’m not mistaken, be the tournament in which Chihaya will face Arata.  I’m pretty sure that’s the case, because Chihaya convinced Arata to keep playing Karuta, and that his grandfather’s death was not because of his absence.

Chihaya is really serious about practicing for that tournament. They decided to hold a training camp at Taichi’s house. His parents are out of town so it’s the perfect place for them to practice Karuta. Who knew that Taichi’s family was that wealthy? His house is huge!  All of the members, excluding Chihaya, who had been there before, were impressed by the size of his house as well as the neighborhood.

The training camp had begun and Chihaya was already pushing everyone beyond their limits. It was getting late and they had been practicing without breaks.  It started to show as some of the members couldn’t catch their breath. That’s why Taichi’s the boss, he had to step in before Chihaya pushed it too far.

It was a pretty good episode. Their club got approved, they set a new goal, they held their training camp and celebrated Chihaya’s birthday. I, although I haven’t actually gotten excited yet, would like to see the match between Chihaya and Arata. I hope it happens soon.

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Nov 29, 2011

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Phi Brain episode 09

Its peanut butter puzzle time, peanut butter puzzle time!  Where ya at? Sorry about that, something had to give. I just can’t seem to take this anime seriously, even though it’s been granted, for as far as we know, no less than twenty five episodes. The artwork is awesome though.

I’m slightly confused about the opening. Baron, Kaito’s school principle, the man who wanted Kaito to keep doing puzzles, was talking with that POG big shot. Just how are these two connected? And if Baron really is connected to the POG, does that mean that Souji, the student council president, the guy who’s always with the principle, is somehow related to the POG as well? It’s getting a lot more complicated.

Meanwhile the puzzle fanatics are enjoying their school festival to the best of their abilities, although the fun couldn’t possibly be that great when, as a guy, you’re dresses as a princess and/or a maid. But there isn’t enough time to frolic around as Kaito once again receives yet another challenge by the POG. This time Nonoha has been captured until Kaito saves her by solving the puzzle.

This week Kaito finds himself in a burning room with a lot of speaking dolls. The objective is to separate the speaking dolls into two groups; the honest group and the lying group. One should be able to find the “Delicious apples” by doing that. Kaito realized that the POG giver, the one who created and/or allowed him to participate in the puzzle, left out some vital information on how to solve the puzzle.

What became clear in this episode is that Souji as well as Baron are related to the POG in some way. But, despite their relation with the POG, they are, for now at least, on Kaito’s side, as they helped him in solving that puzzle. Baron also referred to that giver as “president”, which is kind of confusing, because I was under the impression that Luke was the one pulling the strings.

The anime is pretty good, the artwork is great and the puzzles are difficult, making it very difficult for the viewer to know what’s going to happen. It’s the story that bothers me… They are adding more and more twists. Some scenes are a bit confusing thanks to those twists.

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