Jan 31, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 17

Wow, so they finally decided to tell us a little bit more about Kaito’s past, huh? I was waiting for this, which is why I enjoyed watching this episode. It was a little bit infuriating at times, but this episode generally turned out pretty good.

The episode starts with yet another challenged slammed against Kaito. You know how he is; he never walks away from a challenge. But this time it was the same puzzle that killed his parents all those years ago. Once they arrived they met up with the principle who expected their arrival. Now we know why he couldn’t be found at school.

I couldn’t believe what happened next. He finally came clean about everything. About how he and Souji are POG givers, about how his parents were with the POG as well, but it didn’t end there. It became a lot more complicated when it turned out that Kaito and his deceased parents weren’t actually blood related. It seems that they were merely taking care of Kaito in order to raise him as a Phi Brain child. He has been solving puzzles ever since he was a little boy, and it’s all thanks to the POG. I guess having a normal childhood is overrated in their world, huh?

Baron revealed every little detail about his parents, the POG and about Jin, who’s apparently being held captive by the POG. Kaito didn’t waste time, as he still decided to solve that dangerous puzzle. What surprised me here is that he made it look like it was easy. Sure, he used his bracelet’s powers, but he still solved it without hesitating, without stopping and without thinking things over. That has got to count for something.

You can definitely tell that this season is nearing its end, which is why I expect to see a lot of action in the next couple of episodes. I’m rather curious about the season’s ending, after all; it’s going to have to be good enough to make people want to come back for the second season. Oh well, we’ll see what happens.

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Jan 31, 2012

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Bakuman 2 episode 17

Hmm, so this week’s episode only arrived one day late, huh? Still, I’ve picked up Beelzebub and that’s that, I don’t plan on going back on my decision, even if I have to schedule Bakuman as an extra post a day. Don’t think that’ll happen, but just in case…

This week’s episode turned out to be a bad one or the boys. They didn’t make it, even though they were promised if they turned in three chapters. That’s not all, Gorou has been making a lot of promises that he wasn’t able to keep. Luckily for Yuriko that her editor knows what he’s doing, seeing as her manga has been approved to be serialized. I’m really happy for her, because she worked really hard to improve her drawing skills, so she’s got my vote!

Things took a turn for the worse when Shoyo’s, whose manga has been discontinued, decided to take it up with Hisashi, the editor-in-chief. He no longer wanted Gorou to be his editor, because he was completely fed up with him. He said that Gorou never gave him the freedom to make any decisions of his own, even though it was his manga. I think that’s just a weak excuse, even I would’ve ignored Gorou if my manga was at stake. Still, doesn’t change the fact that Gorou’s professionalism gets challenged once more. It can no longer be a mere coincidence that all of his ‘clients’ are dissatisfied.

Moritaka and Akito once again failed to reach their goal, which means that Akito won’t be getting married just yet. But their troubles are not yet over, because their new rival, Aiko Iwase, has gotten Akira’s approval. Apparently she’s one hell of a find, and Eiji couldn’t agree more I guess, seeing as he’s the one who’s going to be drawing as her partner. He really liked her script, the fact that he went absolutely nuts proves that. This does not look good for the boys.

But wait! The madness does not end here, not yet anyway. Takuro is once again unemployed now that Shoyo’s manga has been discontinued. Takuro pathetically called Yuriko after he heard that her manga got the green light for serialization. It’s not unexpected that he got shot down, I’m pretty sure he saw it coming too, especially after what he said to her. He only has himself to blame. He was so stuck-up that he couldn’t see what was really going on. Only after Natsumi rejected him, several times I might add, did he realize what he had done.

Meanwhile Moritaka, Akito and Shinta discovered that Takuro, because of recent events, planned on moving back the countryside. It’s a waste of talent, with that I agree, but he’s useless as he is now. All of his friends, including Yuriko who tagged along with Shinta, came to his apartment to try and talk him out of moving. However, it was too late. He had packed up his things and walked away, despite what his friends ended up telling him.

Quite the dramatic episode, as one might expect from Bakuman. I’m not sure I’m going to miss Takuro, he has becoming quite the eyesore, no offense. I used to like that character, I really did; he had passion, talent, willpower and his sanity was still completely intact. But life goes on, despite the decisions he makes. I just want to see a romance involving Yuriko, because I really like her personality. I believe that Yuriko and Shinta would make a pretty good couple, seeing as Shinta has the personality to could make her open up more. But we’ll see what happens.

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Jan 30, 2012

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Gokujyo’s first episode streamed

Gokujyo’s first episode streamed

The DMM.com website began streaming the first episode of the Gokujyo—. ~Gokurakuin Joshi Kōryō Monogatari~ high school comedy anime for free for a limited time on Monday. The stream is not restricted to just Japan.

This anime adaptation of Maya Miyazaki’s manga was scheduled to premiere on January 16, but did not air on that date. Instead of the episode, the Chukyo TV station had aired a tongue-in-cheek “roundabout apology and explanation” from the station’s “program censorship office” that compared the situation to a snake in the wild.

The anime’s website posted an apology that cited “various circumstances” as the reason the first Gokujyo episode’s airing was cancelled out of “self-restraint.” The third episode will not air on Monday as well, and the website cited the “stupidity” of the episode’s content as the reason that the episode is not airing out of “self-restraint.” The third episode will begin streaming on February 6.

In the first episode, the high school student Aya (Yōko Hikasa) had forgotten to wear her panties. So, she lures another girl named Konatsu (Natsumi Takamori) into the nurse’s office to forcibly take Konatsu’s panties.

Source: Otakomu

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Jan 30, 2012

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Beelzebub episode 52

It’s about time. It was a long time coming, but I finally got around to picking up Beelzebub due to Bakuman being released late nowadays. Sure, it kind of sucks that Bakuman gets released a few days later, but come on… what better to replace it with than Beelzebub? It has a huge fan base, good ratings and the Beelzebub manga is doing even better.

Let’s do a quick recap on what happened recently. Let’s see… Tatsumi and his friends were temporarily placed in another school while theirs was being rebuilt. Naturally they got in all sorts of trouble during their time at this new school. They met new enemies that went by the name of “The Six Knights”. They exchanged blows many a time before finally settling things during a volleyball match. After that things became more complicated as Beelzebub’s older brother En came to their world to pick up his work, which would be to destroy the earth. That leaves us in the middle of a battle between En’s followers and Tatsumi.

Unfortunately this episode contained very little action. It was just another one of those humorous episodes where people randomly get beat up, go on silly little side stories and/or pull out one weird joke after the other. So yeah, it wasn’t anything special. It will only get better from here on out, trust me, because I’ve been following the manga for a very long time now. I’m afraid the awesomeness will have to wait another episode or two though, because I think they’ll resume this weird little side-story during next week’s episode. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because it could very well lead to the main story for all we know. I mean… it’s been a long time since I’ve read the manga at this stage, so my memory may have faded a little bit as time passed.

I’m sorry I had nothing interesting to post, but this week’s episode gave me very little to go on, which is a shame. But don’t worry, it doesn’t happen that often. I still have one point that I occasionally whine about though. Remember those full-body tattoos on Tatsumi a few episodes back? Well, they weren’t tattoos, it was his demon seal. Anyway moving on… I liked those markings all over his face! It made him look good, scary and tough. I really think it’s a shame that they haven’t shown any more of that. It’s like with Naruto; if he gathered too much of a certain power, be it nature energy or energy from the Nine Tails, you’d see his appearance change at one point. All I’m saying is; it would be cool to see something like that happen to Tatsumi too once in a while.

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Jan 30, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 04

At last! They finally explained a few things about Isanami and that pretty little jewel on her pretty little head. It’s nice when things get explained, but Brave 10 ended up freaking me out a little when Kamanosuke suddenly appeared in this episode. Yes, it’s a bad thing when he appears, seeing as he’s a strange little guy with homosexual and sadistic tendencies.

Moving on… I liked how they finally explained Isanami’s situation. It seems that her hairpin, also referred to as Kushi-mitama, contains (several) fragments of a deity’s soul that stayed behind in their world. It is said that those shards hold tremendous powers, and that those who have them could conquer any land. That explains why the temple was burnt down, why the people were killing and why there are still people after Isanami.

The three of them, Saizo, Isanami and old man Kakei, finally arrived in Izumo in order to start their search. Things were progressing very nicely until Hattori, that killer ninja, and that big-breasted snake lady appeared to ruin their day. Kakei immediately ended up getting caught in her trap while Saizo was fighting off Hattori. It was a poor struggle, and they would’ve lost if it wasn’t for Kamanosuke’s suddenly appearance. I won’t go into the details as to why he decided to help, frankly; it freaks me out.

Saizo and Kamanosuke made a poor team, but it was barely enough to wound Hattori, causing him to retreat once more. However, that snake lady wasn’t as lucky. Old man Kakei, with balls of steel I might add, killed her by shooting through his own body. Sure, he was wounded, but he, unlike her, survived that incident. Shooting a gun is one thing, using it to kill another human being is another, but using it to kill another human being whilst shooting through your own body is something else entirely. Needless to say that I have newfound respect for Kakei, that much is certain.

Things looked fine. Everyone survived, Isanami’s hairpin is safe and they all learned why the temple was burnt down.  Yeah… but things only looked fine until Masamune made his appearance by capturing Isanami. He must’ve been close by, because he heard their conversation; otherwise he wouldn’t have known where to find Kushi-mitama. It must’ve been hard for Saizo to see Isanami being captured like that, but what could he possibly do? All three of them were badly wounded.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode, and neither can a lot of other people. I discovered a huge fan base for Brave 10. There are people who refer to Brave 10 as an improved version of Sengoku Basara. I respectfully disagree; I think that Sengoku Basara has magic of its own, and that it cannot be compared to Brave 10.

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