Jan 29, 2012

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Zero no Tsukaima F episode 04

Amazing! Oh, I didn’t mean the episode. I meant that this turned out to be one of those rare episodes where Louise didn’t shout out Saito’s name in order to be saved by him. How could she? This episode contained no action whatsoever, and it would be difficult to get in a life threatening situation during these peaceful times, even for her.

Like I said; this episode contained no action whatsoever. That’s fine, especially since the episode turned out to be pretty good. I enjoyed watching this episode, I really did, because they finally decided to give Saito what was coming to him. Do not forget; Saito is not from their world, he was merely summoned by Louise. Still, he fought amongst them against all kinds of enemies, even though that wasn’t his responsibility.

It was yet another one of those episodes where comedy ruled due to Louise’s jealousy. However, I do think that those explosions are getting a bit old, why not add something different? I always asked myself this question, but I never really found an answer to it. But hey, we can’t always get what we want, right?

Things were progressing smoothly as the peace was restored, the people recuperated and the damage being repaired. Even Tabitha, or also known as Charlotte, caught a break. You see, she was given a potion that was guaranteed to save her mother from her mental prison. She finally has her mother back, after having suffered alone all this time. But things didn’t end there, oh no. Tabitha was announced to be the new queen of Gallia.

Meanwhile Saito, after having spent a whole day looking for a house, finally gets his well-deserved reward. Henrietta gave Saito a piece of territory in Tristain, which means that he is now a feudal lord, as he owns some territory. The comedy bar got raised a little higher when Siesta, being his personal maid and all, ended up tagging along. You’d think that it would end there, but Tabitha, who said to have postponed her coronation, ended up staying the night as well. Naturally this ended up in Louise blowing up the place. Sigh…

Zero no Tsukaima F will only get more interesting from here on out, I just know it. There are eight episodes left, which means that the real battle has yet to come. Also, these unexpected twists will keep us more than just entertained until that battle takes place. I still have my doubts about that pope; I believe that he plays a very big role in the upcoming battle. Yes, a very big role indeed, but not a positive one, but that’s just my imagination getting the best of me.

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Jan 29, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 04

I was under the impression that the emotional pressure would only drop from here on out, after all; the worst part is over. But I am amazed though by how well the family is doing, even though Suguru has just passed away. They are smiling, talking normally to each other and continuing their lives as though nothing had happened. Sure, this all sounds very positive, but it’s actually very unhealthy. It just seems like everyone is supressing their emotions.

Anyway, the Knight in the Area continues as Kakeru is starting to look more and more like his deceased older brother Suguru. It’s not just his actions either, his abilities have changed, his speech pattern, his entire attitude has made some drastic changes after his operation. Seven noticed it too, which is why she kept a close eye on him. You can’t blame the girl, because it’s kind of creepy stuff like that happens, well perhaps not creepy, but certainly unnatural.

That female doctor was interested as well in any and all chances. She asked Seven specifically to keep a close eye on him, merely to see if there are significant changes in his personality. It seems that organ transplants can sometimes change people. Sure, scientifically it hasn’t been confirmed, but it seems that there have been a lot of cases where the patient showed a lot of (unnatural) changes.

Things soon got a little bumpy when Seven told Kakeru about what happened, about his new heart. He was shocked at first, but he soon came to realize that his brother gave him a second chance. Hell, he gave him more than that, and Kakeru knew it. He too knew that he had changed, upon which he decided to play soccer again. I’m not sure what’s going to happen next, but it’s going to be good. But still, I don’t think this dramatic feeling will ever go away.

Everyone has picked up the pieces in their lives and made peace with what happened, that’s still what surprised me most of all. I’m rather curious about Kakeru and his determination to play soccer again. Sure, he somewhat had an epiphany, but he has given up before, so he’ll have to show us, the viewers, how great his determination really is. Either way; I will be watching!

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Jan 28, 2012

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Third episode Gokujyo anime behind schedule

Third episode Gokujyo anime behind schedule

The official website for the Gokujyo—. ~Gokurakuin Joshi Kōryō Monogatari~ anime series announced that the third episode will not air as scheduled on Monday. The online apology cited the “stupidity” of the episode’s content as the reason that the episode is not airing out of “self-restraint.” The DMM.com website will still stream the third Gokujyo anime episode for free for a limited time, starting on February 6.

The similar apology cited “various circumstances” as the reason the first Gokujyo episode’s airing was cancelled out of “self-restraint.” Instead of the episode, the Chukyo TV station had aired a tongue-in-cheek “roundabout apology and explanation” from the station’s “program censorship office” that compared the situation to a snake in the wild.

Source: Jam Guru

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Jan 28, 2012

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Amagami SS+ Plus episode 04

I want to finish this last before so that I can schedule it for tomorrow, I don’t really like to do things on the very last minute. Anyway, the story continues in Amagami SS Plus as I finally discover just what kind of love story this is. Don’t worry, it’s absolutely nothing special, in fact; this story turned out to be a little bit corny.

The episode continues with Rihoko telling that boy that she’s not interested in him, but that she’s interested in someone else. That boy wasn’t satisfied yet, he wanted to know who she liked. Keep in mind that Junichi was still listening at this point and heard every single word. Naturally Rihoko told him that she had a crush on Junichi, as she wanted to get rid of that pushy boy. This turned out to be a good thing actually.

She returned to Junichi’s and started the cooking process. Junichi arrived minutes after she did and started acting strange the minute he laid eyes on her. That’s when I knew that he was listening in on them, what other reason could there possibly have been for his strange behaviour? Either way; keep it in mind that it was a good thing. Junichi started thinking about their relationship as friends; he even yanked out his photo book with all their pictures in it.

It soon became dark out so it was time to go to bed, but the only one that could sleep was Junichi’s little sister. She even mistook his room for the bathroom, she was simply that tired. Still, Junichi soon went outside to think about things. It’s only natural that Rihoko ended up joining him, as she could sleep either. They talked, played with some fireworks, when suddenly Junichi tripped after getting caught up in Rihoko’s fireworks. He landed right on top of her when he finally confessed to her.

I told you, didn’t it? This story wasn’t anything special. What did you expect? Both of them are way too shy to just confess their feelings openly. But still, they finally did it, ending yet another arc. I can’t wait to see which girl will be next. I really hope its Kauro, because she was my absolute favourite during the first season! Oh, and did I mention that the ratings for this show have improved? It’s true, they have risen quite a bit.

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Jan 28, 2012

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Guilty Crown episode 14

Damn. I’m slowly falling behind on my posts again, but this time it’s not entirely my fault. I missed a post due to Bakuman’s late release, causing me to push back one show at a time due to lack of time. Still, I watched the new Guilty Crown episode and I loved it.

This week is all about friendship, loyalty and an overdose of corruption. You see, the government decided to abandon everyone within the Tokyo perimeter. This isn’t your average type of abandonment either, oh no, it’s the type of abandonment where each and every living thing gets killed on sight. Koudou passed that point of no return, he has given the command to kill everything in the area in order to, and I quote; “purify Japan”.

This led to chaos amongst the students, who, for the time being, were alive and well inside of the school. A small group of students were questioning Arisa, the student president and currently leader of the group, about her qualifications as their leader. I can understand the motives, but this group of students went too far. They were willing to hand over Funeral Parlor members in order to gain their freedom, but that was all just a lie. The government wanted them all dead, no exceptions.

Shu proved that fact once and for all. Everyone was appalled. But it wasn’t enough for this small group of students, as their leader decided to take out his pistol in order to shoot Shu. But Shu has progressed too much for him to be taken down by a mere handgun. He, within just a matter of seconds, drew out a Void and used that Void to disarm that idiot. His progress rate is truly unbelievable. If he can keep it up than he’ll be strong enough in no-time.

Things didn’t end there though. Shu, thanks to Yahiro’s efforts, or formerly known as Sugar, got elected as the new leader. It stands to reason, doesn’t it? Shu is by far the most qualified person; he has minor people skills, he’s the only one that’s capable of drawing out Voids, he has experience and he knows the current situation better than anyone else. Yahiro must’ve known this as well, he must’ve known that Shu is currently their best chance to make it out of this situation alive.

However, Yahiro’s planning didn’t stop there, hell no. He came up with another ingenious idea. He decided to rank the students based on their Void levels. It works like this; each student has a Void. That Void has its powers and those very powers are rated by a number. The higher the number, the stronger the Void is. For example; a person with a level of 1000 could be considered weak, but a person with a level of 1700 could be considered strong.  Inori’s Void currently has level 2000, that’s also what I’m basing my example on, as her Void is one of the stronger ones.

A lot happened in this episode, a lot indeed. But still, Shu’s progress never ceases to amaze. He went from being a weak cry baby to a strong and powerful leader in just a couple of episodes. It’s only a matter of time before his powers reach an even higher level. But that is still in the future, right now he has to focus on getting his followers out of that school alive. The fact that it’s a race against the clock doesn’t make it any easier, so I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next.

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