Apr 30, 2012

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Second Yuruyuri promo online

Second Yuruyuri promo online

The niconico live service streamed a promotional video for the Yuruyuri♪♪, the second anime season inspired by Namori’s manga, on Monday. The promotional video confirms that the main cast is returning from the first season, and adds that the staff is “striving hard in production” on the new season.

The same live service announced the second season last December. In both the manga and the anime, four fun-loving schoolgirls take over the former room of a tea ceremony club for their own “Gorakubu” (amusement club). The first 12-episode anime season ran from July to September, and Crunchyroll streamed the season outside Japan as it aired.

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Apr 30, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 04

Now this was a pretty interesting episode. I had hoped to see a little more action, but this was good too. I do feel that there’s a lot more comedy than in the first two episodes. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s not. Either way; I smile a little but more than I used to when watching this.

This week’s episode left me with mixed opinions. We saw everyone doing their very best to win the match, that goes for both sides. But it got too aggressive at one point. The scores were close, time was running short and people were getting impatient. That’s when Ryouta’s hand ended up hurting Kuroko’s face, causing him to take a break to rest a little and to take care of all the blood. I don’t know whether this was an accident or not, but I do believe that Ryouta’s subconscious was a little bit scared of Kuroko. Kuroko is the only one that he cannot copy, which is why this game was so difficult for him, and why he wanted Kuroko on his side.

That’s when something beautiful happened. Seirin, Kuroko’s team, finally realized how important he was. Playing without Kuroko was so much harder. They soon started losing points, when suddenly Riko wished for Kuroko’s return. He stood up, got back in without complaining and played the rest of the match. Now that’s a man right there! Not only did they win, but they also learned a very important lesson. Never judge a book by its over.

This anime is so simple and yet so complicated. I keep hoping that Kuroko will get much better at basketball (shooting, intercepting, you name it), but on the other hand I don’t want him to. I fear that it may destroy the character’s personality and the show’s overall magic. It is fine as it is now, and still I hope for more… I apologize for being so greedy, guys. Let us see how they will fare against those other “legendary” players.

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Apr 30, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 05

Well, so much for my lazy Sunday ritual. I normally wake up, turn on my computer and haul in all the new episodes, go make breakfast and watch the episodes as I scarf down my food. I couldn’t this time because they were late with the subs. My breakfast tasted like cardboard without my usual entertainment.

Moving on… Mutta finally arrived in the US and met up with his little brothers. But not before meeting his annoying little dog first. Seriously, those dogs are so ugly, no offense. They look a hundred and drool all over the place. And he kept following Mutta around because he probably smells similar to his little brother, Hibito.

Those two were finally reunited alright, but you could tell there was an awkward atmosphere between them. Hibito has become what he has always wanted, while Mutta is still struggling to become it. That kind of awkwardness gets amplified when it’s involves an older brother whose motto is; “an older brother should always stay ahead”.

Hibito’s plan was for Mutta to join him during his training, but Mutta skipped the first day. I guess he was too embarrassed or something. He knows what he wants, he is, partially thanks to his little brother, going after it, and yet he still has problems with it. He just can’t accept the fact that his little brother is ahead of him. He followed the path of auto manufacturing and Hibito continued to fulfil his dream (to become an astronaut). It’s no wonder that Hibito is ahead. And what’s more, Mutta may even be in trouble if he doesn’t make the cut.

You know, the funny thing is; Mutta was actually ahead until recently. He was a big shot at some car manufacturer, and he actually designed quite a few popular vehicles. I believe that that counts for something. He did a lot of stuff in his life (up until now) that a lot of people take for granted. I would think that he would’ve been rich by now, you know, with him designing all those cars and all. Right now I just hope that he will continue his training soon and meet up with his friends (and (future) girlfriend).

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Apr 29, 2012

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Fate/Zero 2 episode 04

Better late than never, right? I did watch Fate/Zero before I went to sleep (I just had to), but I just didn’t have the time to write about it. That’s too bad, because the story just got a whole lot more interesting. This season is definitely the best.

Everyone was still recuperating during this week’s episode. That’s not so surprising; they all went through hell and back in order to defeat Caster and that monster of his. But that’s when Tokiomi sent out an invitation to Irisviel to come and talk to him about the possibility of them cooperating together. Needless to say that Irisviel did indeed come and listened to what he had to say. However, Irisviel had a few requests of her own, one of which was to make Kirei resign from the war. Tokiomi agreed and everything seemed to go pretty smoothly, when Kirei decided to stay in the war, kill Tokiomi and take Archer in as his own servant. Man, I did not see that coming.

This war really is filled with nothing but traitorous psychopaths. Trust no one, kill everyone. It really is too bad. This episode actually made me think about the ending, I mean… Why bother? We all know that Gilgamesh is going to win. They made that very clear in Fate/Stay Night. It sure isn’t Saber that’s going to win, why else would she have appeared at the next war for the Holy Grail? Who knows, they have surprised me this much already, maybe the ending will be different after all.

At this point I can only hope that I get to see Shirou’s mother. I know that Kiritsugu is the father, but who the hell did he knock up? Shirou had red/orange hair, so that leaves out Maiya. Irisviel would be the most obvious choice. She is his wife, is the one he’s fighting for, and she is currently the most likely to survive, seeing as Gilgamesh has a thing for Saber. But Irisviel’s body is weak, the hair doesn’t match, the eyes don’t match… It’s really killing me to find out.

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Apr 29, 2012

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Acchi Kocchi episode 04

Geez, my weekend started out pretty badly. I had to wait until evening before I had time to watch this week’s episode of Acchi Kocci. This resulted in me writing my posts at the very last minute, which is something that I don’t like to do (I tend to forget to address certain points).

Anyway, I find that the interestingness of this anime is dropping. Could it be that I’m getting used to it, that I expect what’s coming next? I don’t know. I just find myself laughing less and less. I still find Tsumiki-chan the cutest, but is that enough reason for me to keep writing? Mind you, I still enjoy watching it very much. I just feel that there are a lot less interesting and amusing scenes.

I sat down and watched as they played an aggressive version of kick the can, which was very amusing, but not that memorable. I also feel that the first halves of all the episodes are just a warm-up for the second (and more fun) half. There is hardly any “action” in the first half.

This week’s second half was no exception. I found the second half a lot more fun to watch. I laughed pretty hard during that mass nosebleed scene at the end. It was one of those things that a normal person wouldn’t see coming. I knew that Io was going to say something “sexy” (I honestly don’t see it), but what followed really finished things nicely.

Maybe I’ll watch this episode again tomorrow. I wasn’t exactly in a good mood when watching today, so maybe that’s it? I’ll just say that the story isn’t meeting all of my expectations. I enjoy watching this anime because it’s really funny. However, I kept watching because there was some romance in it too, and that, for me, made the story all the more interesting.

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