Jan 31, 2014

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Magi 2 episode 17

I hate reschedules. Believe it or not, I, too, work with a schedule. I watch the episodes I want to watch most right away and write a review the very next day in order to plan it for the day after that. Reschedules like these force me to redo my own schedule. In this case I’m kind of happy since I can make a few favourable changes.

[HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 17 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.06_[2014.01.30_23.14.26]Anyway, hell has officially broken loose. War has broken out and everyone is currently being recruited to join the fight between magicians, normal people and people with special items that give them a lot of power (like the objects found only in dungeons). I kind of have this idea in my mind where Aladdin, in front of that crazy old headmaster, yanks out that gem in his arm and uses an incredible amount of Rukh to overpower him or maybe even summon a Djinn to come to his aid. I actually start to drool whenever I think about that, and I’ve already accepted the fact that something like that probably won’t happen.

[HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 17 [720p].mkv_snapshot_16.55_[2014.01.30_23.15.40]Old man Matal refuses to hand over his city to other empires because of their non-magical rulers. He is dead-set on becoming a magician king and rule over all non-magical folk. He basically begged for war after he managed to win Titus over to his side, which is something that Scheherazade refuses to accept no matter what.

The next episode is going to be nuts. Scheherazade sent out her elite Fanalis corps in order to take down Matal and his followers. The Kou Empire is probably planning something of their own and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sinbad and his crew sometime soon either. I guess fun time is over for Aladdin. It’s time to find out what he has learned during the past couple of episodes.

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Jan 31, 2014

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 348

Okay, I’ve seen enough. The fillers have officially started and I don’t think I can be motivated sufficiently to write decent reviews. My Naruto Shippuuden reviews can only go downhill right now, and they aren’t even that good to begin with…

[HorribleSubs] Naruto Shippuuden - 348 [720p].mkv_snapshot_16.34_[2014.01.30_23.13.24]What bugs me the most about this particular episode is that they are showing things that we’ve seen already. We are already past the Nagato, Pain, Hanzo and Danzo arc. It’s been done. We know how all of those characters died and we know how they lived their lives right before they met their end. What else is there left to show?

I’ll be taking a break from Naruto Shippuuden. I’ll start writing again when the main story continues. Besides, Magi has been rescheduled and I’m planning to use Friday to post my Magi reviews. I can no longer make Tuesday when Magi airs on the same day. I’d like to be able to plan my posts a day or two ahead of time if possible.

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Jan 30, 2014

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Witch Craft Works episode 04

Ah, here we go. I’m starting to see a very familiar pattern here. I wish I could be happy about that, I really do, but I think that uniqueness is what separates With Craft Works from all other anime. Now it turns out that I may have been wrong to think that.

[Watakushi-Nameless] Witch Craft Works - 04 [720p][8D1F5051].mkv_snapshot_08.48_[2014.01.29_22.17.25]I have seen plenty of series about special characters that were heavily protected because of their value. Some had hidden powers, some served as sacrifices and others were very knowledgeable. None of them could defend themselves against powerful enemies and were protected (unknowingly) by other characters. Do you know what these stories usually have in common? Well, there are multiple similarities, but the one thing that these stories have in coming the most is that the character in question is always protected by family or childhood friends. It turns out that With Craft Works in no exception.

[Watakushi-Nameless] Witch Craft Works - 04 [720p][8D1F5051].mkv_snapshot_21.48_[2014.01.29_22.17.59]We finally met Kasumi-chan, a crafting witch and Honoka’s cute sister. The funny thing about Kasumi-chan is that she looks nothing like her brother. Not even a little bit. It’s only a matter of time before we meet the rest of the Takamiya family. Where there’s one there’s more, right? Their mother must be a witch, too.

The one thing that really cheered me up is the idea of Ayaka-chan living together with Honoka. This just means that the story is going to get a whole lot funnier and chances for romance just increased. Yeah, Kasumi will do everything in her power to prevent Ayaka from getting too close, probably, but I’m sure the almighty Ayaka will find a way. I can’t wait to see the next episode!

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Jan 29, 2014

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Yowamushi Pedal episode 16

I somehow knew that this episode would disappoint me in the end. I never would’ve imagined that such a minor part of an otherwise grand story would use up two or perhaps even three episodes. Support characters seem to be on to rise.

[HorribleSubs] Yowamushi Pedal - 16 [720p].mkv_snapshot_10.14_[2014.01.28_21.47.55]Now that we’re on the subject of supporting characters… Why the hell are we seeing so much of Junta and his girlfriend Hajime? Are there seriously people interested in those two characters? I am not. I am aware that people love characters that calculate their way to victory. A lot of sports genre anime have at least one of those characters. For me to be interested in characters with weak bodies that rely on tactics that prevent others from racing optimally… No… Not my kind of character. I’m more an all-out kind of guy and prefer characters that win through skill and hard work. I guess I’m rather old-fashioned that way…

[HorribleSubs] Yowamushi Pedal - 16 [720p].mkv_snapshot_15.00_[2014.01.28_21.48.04]It was quite surprising to see Sakamichi rush ahead. Rather, I’m quite surprised that Shunsuke let him. Maybe he thought about conserving his energy during that time. You know, let another person to all the hard work so that you may reap the benefits of that later on. Shunsuke really strikes me as the type of person that would do that.

Anyway, Sakamichi passed him in the end. That’s right, this is the moment where you look surprised, where the ladies try to contain their orgasms and where the guys try to contain their nerdgasms.  It seems that Junta forgot to factor in the time that Sakamichi spent training during these past few episodes. You could very well say that Junta’s greatest skill became his downfall this time. Let’s hope that this was the end of their silly little competition.

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Jan 28, 2014

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Kindaichi Case Files flash anime green-lit

Kindaichi Case Files flash anime green-lit

FROGMAN, the animator behind Eagle Talon and other Flash anime titles, has launched the Channel 5.5 project to adapt famous manga into anime on Tuesday. The first effort in the project is Yōzaburō Kanari and Fumiya Sato’s detective story Kindaichi Case Files (Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo), and a prologue and first episode is already streaming:

The project will add new parody anime videos of famous manga on an irregular schedule. The story premise behind the project is a fictional television station that people can only catch if they press the “5” and “6” buttons on their remotes simultaneously. The staff is planning 20 anime videos of various works, and the future titles will be announced later.

FROGMAN is not only animating the Kindaichi Case Files Flash anime himself, but he also voices the young title detective Kindaichi. Actress Rina Aizawa plays Kindaichi’s childhood friend Miyuki, and the cast also features Yu Kobayashi.

FROGMAN is the “director/writer/character designer/sound recording engineer/Flash animator/editor/voice actor” of the Eagle Talon web series. The production company DLE Inc. and FROGMAN launched the first Himitsu Kessha Taka no Tsume (Secret Society Eagle Talon) television series in 2006, and the series spawned five films, an original video anime, and more television anime series. The sixth move, Taka no Tsume 7 Joō Heika Joboob, is slated for April 4. He already worked on Flash-animated projects for manga such as Thermae Romae, Shima Kōsaku and Lupin III.

The Kindaichi Case Files manga already inspired a television anime series and several film and video spinoffs. It also inspired several live-action adaptations, including this month’s special set in Malaysia with Ryosuke Yamada of the boy band Hey! Say! JUMP. Tokyopop published part of the manga in North America.

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