Jun 30, 2014

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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei episode 13

I don’t know where to begin with this episode. Yes, it was good and overall very amusing, but I just don’t know what to think of it. Was this a good thing? Is something about to go down? You kind of already know that something bad is going to happen right after something good happens.

[HorribleSubs] Mahouka - 13 [720p].mkv_snapshot_02.42_[2014.06.29_22.51.00]The matches continue and First High is doing great. They are gaining points again and they are slowly building up their momentum. It is no secret that Tatsuya’s skills have helped them quite a lot in order to get to this point. He continues to modify CAD’s, think up interesting strategies and councils those that need it. The guy truly is an all-round powerhouse. There has been no one good enough to stand a chance against him and now he’s defeating everyone in his path through his fellow students. An episode where he loses to someone seems almost impossible right now.

[HorribleSubs] Mahouka - 13 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.07_[2014.06.29_22.51.41]The relationship between Tatsuya and Miyuki seems a bit tense right now. Maybe that’s just me overthinking things as usual, but I feel as though Tatsuya is less tolerable of Miyuki and her shenanigans. Nevertheless, the guy made time to ensure that his little sister completely dominated her opponent with the use of a highly advanced spell.

Still, one simply cannot help but notice that Tatsuya’s mind is elsewhere. He looks tense and serious. It’s like he’s preparing for war or something. Maybe his commander gave him a job to do, maybe he thinks something is about to happen again or maybe he’s just being cautious of what could or couldn’t happen. Either way, I’m pretty sure it is going to happen soon.

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Jun 29, 2014

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Blade and Soul episode 13

Shocking. Absolutely shocking. I didn’t really expect much to begin with, but to air this and present it as the very last episode is just shocking. I will delete this episode from my memory and collection. I refuse to accept this episode as the final episode.

[HorribleSubs] Blade and Soul - 13 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.42_[2014.06.28_23.18.28]I am going to keep this episode short because it’s painful just trying to remember what happened when all I want to do is forget I ever saw it. It has nothing to do with the story. In fact, it I could barely recognize the characters because it was so incredibly ridiculous. I will never understand why this episode was created and aired.

I saw more fan service crap in this one episode than in the first twelve. It was horrendous. What kind of person would I enjoy watching a bunch of perverted fish mutants and their obsessions for busty blondes? Blade and Soul may not have met my expectations in the end, but it didn’t deserve an episode like this one. What a darn shame.

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Jun 27, 2014

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No Game No Life episode 12

Not a bad ending at all. I thought it was going to end with Izuna-chan. I was very pleasantly surprised when I got to see a new character during this episode. I can’t wait for season two, which is really only a matter of time. No Game No Life has done way too well for it to end here.

[HorribleSubs] No Game No Life - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_07.19_[2014.06.26_22.32.50]We all knew that Sora and Shiro were going to win. They already planned everything out before the game even started. Why else would they wager their “Race Piece”? It was kind of strange that Sora and Shiro always factored in Izuna’s special ability (which is something a select few War Beasts have) in order to come out victorious. How did he know about it? Did he even know about it and assumed that she had an ace up her sleeve? Either way, he programmed Stephanie to come in on a NPC in order to finish the job. Pure genius!

[HorribleSubs] No Game No Life - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.29_[2014.06.26_22.33.12]It was quite interesting to see that new character. I believe her name was Priestess Miko or something like that? Nice! A busty fox-woman with golden long hair and a gorgeous voice. The only thing wrong with her is that the season ending and I didn’t get to see more of her. She seems like a very interesting character.

Yes. Yes I did enjoy that bath scene. I just want to put that out there. Right now I just want to see the second No Game No Life season, the third Silver Spoon season and the second Attack on Titan season. These three, for me, are top priority. The author, Yuu, a Brazilian, has done some nice work before and I hope I get to see more of it in the future. I like his style.

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Jun 26, 2014

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Second Knights of Sidonia season green-lit

Second Knights of Sidonia season green-lit

The 12th and final episode of the anime based on Tsutomu Nihei’s Knights of Sidonia manga aired on MBS on Friday with a short teaser for a second season, titled Sidonia no Kishi: Dai-kyū Wakusei Seneki (Knights of Sidonia: War of the Ninth Planet). The teaser also added that a “premium event” will be held on November 23 with a screening of the first two episodes of the new season.

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Jun 26, 2014

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Black Bullet episode 12

Awesome episode! In fact, this is the episode that I have been waiting for all this time. I know I have said this before on several occasions during the last few weeks, but I never saw Kagetane as one of the bad guys. Never. The people responsible for killing Cursed Children should all die anyway.

[HorribleSubs] Black Bullet - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.23_[2014.06.25_22.46.05]I was actually quite surprised that Rentarou managed to fulfil his mission by killing that one Gastrea that supposedly led the other Gastrea through pheromones. Nothing like that has been proven yet, but he did it anyway. Doesn’t hurt to kill them anyway, seeing as they’re the human race’s enemy. I shouldn’t have been so surprised since Kagetane was on his side from start to finish, but come on… He invaded a Gastrea-invested forest with only three of them and killed a Gastrea that may or may not turn the war around in favour of mankind. Why isn’t that guy a king yet?

[HorribleSubs] Black Bullet - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.08_[2014.06.25_22.46.36]Well, Rentarou may not be a king (yet), but he’s definitely the leader on the battleground right now. I may have missed the part where they explained what happened to that old guy, but I’m glad that he’s dead. He shouldn’t have been a leader in the first place (much less a father). The only thing he was good for was leaving Asaka, his little partner, behind so she could team up with Shouma now that Midori-chan has passed away.

A lot happened. Characters that should’ve died are dead and characters that I wanted to live happily ever after died as well. All that’s left is for Rentarou to lead the remaining ground forces into battle in order to kill Aldebaran, a top-class level Gastrea. This should be a very interesting ending now that his team is complete. I just hope that that backstabber Takuto, whom is planning to kill Rentarou, dies a very slow and painful death next week.

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