Apr 9, 2014

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Abarenbou Kishi!! Matsutarou

I thought that I would hate this for sure. I thought I would want to kill myself after seeing it, but no… It was actually pretty amusing. It will never make my top ten, but it’s good enough to kill time. I don’t understand why a lot of people are so negative about it.

Abarenbou Kishi!! MatsutarouThe artwork is very old-fashioned. It’s not heavy on the easy and I definitely don’t mind watching more of this. I also think that Matsutarou’s looks go well with his voice. I wonder who the voice actor is. Is it detailed? Not really.

The story? Nothing special. Nothing special at all. Just another story about an underachiever that relies more on brute power than on his intellect. It’s kind of sad to see old people in a class with young people. Truly sad…

Does all of this mean that I don’t recommend this? Well, I know my review might not sound all that positive, but I really did enjoy it. I’m sure there are a lot of sports fans out there that wouldn’t mind watching something like this. Just watch the first episode.

Plot Summary: Matsutarou Sakaguchi is a giant roughneck man with strength far beyond ordinary people. He never uttered words like “work hard,” “strive,” and “dream” like the typical shounen manga protagonist. However, he is stronger than anyone and peerless in sumo wrestling. His greatest weakness is his own carefree personality. He grows into a full-fledged sumo wrestler.

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