May 9, 2012

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Accel World episode 05

Let’s see, which word should I pick this time? It’s between epic, awesome, wonderful, godlike and wicked. Hmm, I haven’t used godlike since my quake days, so let’s go with that one! You may well ask why there are only positive options here. And I would ask, even though I hate answering a question with another question; have you even seen this episode, fool!?

So yeah, this week’s episode of Accel World was godlike. I knew that Haruyuki would beat Takumu to it. There’s a valid reason as to why Haruyuki was number one during pretty much any game he set his mind to. Still, things didn’t look good in the beginning. Haruyuki was getting dominated by Takumu, or also known as Cyan Pyle, and his annoying jealousy-filled spear attacks. That psychotic moron was so hell-bent on being approved by everyone, when in reality he was losing everyone around him due to that very behaviour. He was even jealous of Haruyuki, because he thought that Chiyuri preferred Haruyuki over him. That’s just sad…

The question here is why the word perfection wasn’t on that list. The reason is simple; that idiot Haruyuki asked Takumu, a guy who came to defeat his defenceless girlfriend, to join his team. The saddest part is that I actually knew it was coming. How disappointing that was. The only thing that made up for that is Haruyuki’s transformation. So he’s the first and only avatar with the ability to fly, huh? Now that’s interesting. Being able to fly up high will give him quite the advantage by enabling him to attack from the sky, a place where your average avatar just can’t reach. That should tip the scales back to his favour.

All well that ends well, right? I was happy to finally see Kuroyukihime’s real avatar. All that’s left is to find out about her real name, which is something they reserved for next week’s episode. That’s fine, I can be patient, especially after being satisfied by this glorious episode. I am actually more interested in the developing relationship between her and Haruyuki, and how Chiyuri will react to that. The two girls didn’t really start off right, so things may be a little awkward at first.

Accel World episode 05 screencaps

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