May 16, 2012

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Accel World episode 06

It was a very interesting episode. It was quite difficult to keep my eyes of the screen. However, I’m getting a little bit annoyed at the fact that Haruyuki keeps trusting people way too easily. He should know a lot better by now, especially after almost loosing Kuroyukihime for good.

He has been ‘training’ with Takumu for a few days now, trying to get to level two and whatnot. Takumu seemed reliable at first, but it was clearly just a scheme of some sort. He fought alongside Haruyuki for many times until he was finally able to level up. However, Haruyuki levelled up alright, but he did it too soon. Takumu “forgot” to tell him in time, which is why Haruyuki ended up with only eight points. It would be game over for him if he were to lose even one match. We all know what happens when it’s game over, right? That program, Brain Burst, uninstalls and that he will never be able to reinstall it ever again.

Was that by accident? I highly doubt it. Takumu knew what he was doing. He knew that Haruyuki would only have a handful of points left, and that he would do anything to gain more. That’s when Takumu referred him to someone else, a player that’s supposedly known for helping newbies gain points. But in the meantime Takumu went to pay Kuroyukihime a visit. She was suspicious and started a battle as soon as he entered the room. Good girl!

I knew that guy wasn’t to be trusted so easily. He has yet to prove himself. The fact that he still hangs around the very people that want to destroy Kuroyukihime proves that he isn’t to be trusted. Still, I’m not worried. He was able to give her a whooping at first, but not anymore. Not since she finally decided to show her true avatar, allowing her to fight with all her power. The next episode should prove to be very amusing, I can hardly wait!

Accel World episode 06 screencaps

  1. i dont think that that guy is a bad guy :S he just hangs with the wrong crowd

    bsides we have nothing 2 worry about because hime is using her full power now

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