May 30, 2012

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Accel World episode 08

What the hell did I watch? This turned out to be one messed up episode. Yeah, I enjoyed it a lot, but it was simply messed up. All the strange comedy made things a little bit confusing, despite the fact that it couldn’t get any simpler.

The episode started out very normally; Haruyuki was still battling against other Burst Linkers in order to level up even more. He hasn’t forgotten about his promise and has been working very hard on becoming a top class Burst Linker, apparently. His relationship with Chiyuri and Takumu hasn’t changed either. They are still friends.

That’s when Haruyuki went home and everything turned upside-down. He never would’ve imagined that a little girl with red hair was waiting for him at home. She claimed to be a second cousin, yeah right. No way that a cute girl like that could be related to a guy like Haruyuki. She was cute, but her mind was completely messed up. Let’s just say that she’s not the type of girl you’d want in your house alone.

I didn’t take long for Haruyuki to find out that she wasn’t his second cousin, but some Burst Linker that broke into his home, created a few fake mails on behalf of his mother and friend, and tried to pass as his family. Still, finding out while taking a bath is a bit too much. Oh well, at least it proved that Haruyuki isn’t much of a lolicon freak, even though he did get a nice feel, not that there was anything to feel, hehe. Hell, it wasn’t even his fault. She tried to rush out, tripped and fell into his arms.

That little girl, also known as Scarlet Rain, the second Red King, challenged him to a match in order to get even for having touched her. I’m not going to explain how or why, but it’s pretty obvious that Haruyuki would’ve lost that match. His avatar may be pretty special, but you can’t beat one of the top players if you’re not a top player yourself. His best option is to converse with Kuroyukihime on how to proceed from here on out, and actually stick to the advice that she gives.

Accel World episode 08 screencaps

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