Jun 6, 2012

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Accel World episode 09

Oh boy, things just got a whole lot more complicated. Has anyone noticed that Yuniko, that tiny little redhead, has a huge forehead? I know, I’m a very strange guy, but come on… I notice these little things. I could practically park a car on her forehead, man…

So anyway, life continues in Accel World, and just in time too. It was time to meet up. I could write a book about how it all went, but let’s just summarize as a messed up situation. Yuniko and Kuroyukihime just don’t mix well together. They both want to be around Haruyuki and that makes things all the more complicated. Basically, both Haruyuki and Takumu are standing in the middle of it all. Poor bastards.

They soon got down to business. It seems that Yuniko wants Haruyuki’s help (or his flying ability to be precise) to stop one of her legion members from running amok. It seems that he has obtained this dreadful item, “The Armor of Catastrophe”. It is said that whoever has that item becomes incredibly strong, but also loses the ability to think rationally. It is an item that cannot be destroyed easily, as it will always come back somehow.

Kuroyukihime was positive that she and the other king(s) disposed of that item a long time ago. She even ended up showing what happened during that time. It was a rough battle with a lot of casualties. It immediately reminded me of World of Warcraft, a silly little game where good items, high levels and fixed skills mean everything. That’s right, just sacrifice your social life and dive right into a virtual world of pointlessness.

This episode was truly complicated. The story is still clear as crystal, sure, but the situations were just too complicated. Those two idiots, Yuniko and Kuroyukihime, actually ended up spending the night at Haruyuki’s house, purely because Yuniko didn’t want to travel back and forth all the time, thereby saving time, energy and probably money. Oh lord, I know I have been asking for quite a lot these days, but please show us more of these hilarious scenes.

Accel World episode 09

  1. belboh-sama says:

    It is not a matter of liking or disliking. Both of them like Haruyuki in their own ways. It’s just that they get jealous of one another when they see the other getting too close to Haruyuki.

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