Jun 16, 2012

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Accel World episode 10

I guess I might as well write about Accel World, seeing as there are no other shows being aired right now. Seriously, all my favourite manga and anime are being postponed till next week. I have been searching the net to see if there’s something going on in Japan, but there’s nothing other than them restarting their nuclear power plants.

Anyway, Accel World, right… It’s funny how new foes always appear at the last minute. The gang have been preparing for their digital quest for days, but it seems that they weren’t fully prepared after all. How could they? None of them knew what was actually going on. The girls fighting over Haruyuki is the only thing that didn’t actually change.

We learned something new about Accel World too. It seems that every Burst Linker has the ability to introduce a single person to that program. If a Burst Linker introduces a player than he or she becomes that person’s “Guardian”. Pretty interesting and well thought out, if I do say so myself. The story is very interesting, which is why I’m very curious to see how this will end.

In the end they all relied on Haruyuki’s ability to fly. That’s when they also saw a party of Brain Bursters fighting some kind of monster in order to get points. But they didn’t get to enjoy the show for long, as they were shot from the sky and had to make an emergency landing, where they encountered yet a new foe by the strange name of “Yellow Radio”. The story is very interesting indeed, but they really need to find better names.

It seems that “Yellow Radio” is none other than the yellow king, a very strong player amongst Burst Linkers. I don’t see a reason for panic just yet though. There’s one strong Burst Linker and several weaker ones. Haruyuki’s party has the red king, black king and Haruyuki himself, the only flying Burst Linker (Takumu isn’t worth mentioning at this point). Fighting the enemy should be very doable with this group of people, so I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Accel World episode 10 screencaps

  1. Cy4n1de says:

    I think that you are overestimating their abilities. You don’t seem to realize that they were lured into someone else’s trap, a king’s trap in fact.

    He may have two kings on his side, but what about Yellow Radio? I’m sure that he, being the one who prepared the ambush and all, prepared sufficiently as well.

  2. vlechter says:

    maybe he is and maybe he isnt? the read king serves as a great long-ranged and defensive avatar whilst the black makes for a great close combat avatar. silver crow and cyan pile can just back them up from afar

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