Jun 28, 2012

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Accel World episode 11

Not a bad episode, not bad at all. This is the same with any game, actually, isn’t it? Characters killing each other just to obtain more experience points in order to level. Classic RPG gameplay. It’s only a matter of time before the anime ends and we see whether or not Kuroyukihime actually gets to level ten.

We left of with the insane battle between Haruyuki and Yellow Radio’s little army. Yellow Radio set up this whole surprise attacked in order to overthrow the Red King, hoping that he would be the first to achieve level ten. However, he did not count on the Back King’s resistance. He expected her to just give in after all the things she’s done, thinking that she would be traumatized. What a stupid strategy. Only a fool would rely on something like that, which is why he paid the ultimate price. I actually wanted to see how Kuroyukihime finished him off, oh well…

I guess the time has finally come for them to fight Accel World’s biggest threat; Chrome Disaster, an avatar that possess some kind of powerful item that takes control of one’s avatar. I wonder how they’re going to fight him at this point. Most of them are worn out after fighting Yellow Radio and his followers. It’ll definitely be a very interesting battle to watch, and something also tells me that Haruyuki will play a significant role during that battle.

Accel World episode 11 screencaps


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