Jul 4, 2012

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Accel World episode 12

Quite the amusing episode this turned out to be, I’m glad. Not to go off-track, but someone asked me an interesting question yesterday. “Do people want to play RPG’s (Role Playing Games) if they watch something like Accel World?” My answer; yes. If you watch Accel World on a regular basis, which means you like it, then it might be very tempting to fire up a similar RPG, where you can imitate and/or experience things similar to the characters in Accel World.

Moving on to the subject at hand; this week’s Accel World. So Chrome Disaster, the Red King’s mentor, has finally showed up and claimed his very first victim right away. It put a smile on my face to see Yellow Radio lose, really. Does that make me a bad person? Who knows! If it does then I don’t want to be good, hehe.

Haruyuki was a bit scared at first. He witnessed how even his precious guardian was being pushed back by that monster. It took a little bit of time and a few harsh words from Kuroyukihime for him to come to his senses. That’s when he took off into the air and launched his first successful counterattack. I’m impressed that it didn’t go to his head, as one would usually expect from these types of characters.

Anyway, I would like to point out one thing though. I saw all the avatars fight; Cyan Pyle, the Red King, the Black King and even Haruyuki. Now, I’m not going into great detail, but it’s clear that Haruyuki was the weakest one amongst those four, even if you keep his unique ability to fly in mind. Why is it that Haruyuki, with an avatar far inferior and inexperienced to his friends and enemy, managed to actually take down Chrome Disaster? I don’t know, but it just seemed way too easy, especially after all those stories about how several kings got wiped out by Chrome Disaster in the past.

One thing is for sure; that dreadful item is not yet destroyed. It appears to reside somewhere inside Haruyuki’s avatar, which is also why he can hear things, things his friends can’t hear. It is also a matter of time before either he or his friends discover this unfortunate turn of events. I wonder what they’re going to do. I doubt that they will attack Haruyuki once they find out, thereby taking Brain Burst from him. It’s a little bit too vague right now to make any assumptions. Hell, I’m not even sure that my theory is right. We’ll see…

Accel World episode 12 screencaps

  1. agree that it was too easy how he was beat but the item is obviosly not gone!! we will see it again soon just watch

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