Jul 11, 2012

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Accel World episode 13

Aw man, the start of this episode was completely misleading. Chiyuri and Haruyuki were putting on a little show, or so I thought, when suddenly that little pig shot straight up. How dare they deceive us with an awesome start like that? I joke of course. What happened in this episode more than made up for that.

I have decided to keep this post short and simple, as one would expect of me. This week’s episode was all about Chiyuri and her introduction to Accel World. Takumu tried to install Accel World, but failed continuously. Lucky for her that Haruyuki managed to install it just fine. I guess that means that their team obtained a new member, huh?

Let’s focus a bit on her avatar; Lime Bell. She has a green coloured avatar that has the special ability to restore HP (Health Points). Apparently, the ability to restore one’s HP appears to be really rare in Accel World, which is kind of strange. One would think that HP restoration would be a common thing in role playing games. But no, only two others had that ability before her, which would make her very popular and wanted amongst guilds.

The other part focusses on their school life. A year has passed and everyone has moved on to the next year. That means that the school will be filled with many new faces. It seems that behind one of those faces lies a Burst Linker. Déjá vu anyone? I’m pretty sure Takumi, having been in a similar position for quite some time in the past, may just be the person to help them out in order to find this mysterious Burst Linker. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was one of Yellow Radio’s henchmen, walking the school grounds in order to get revenge on Haruyuki and his friends.

Accel World episode 13 screencaps

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