Jul 18, 2012

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Accel World episode 14

My, my, my… Accel World just got a whole lot more complicated. I think it’s best if we look at it from a technical point of view. Their entire world is just one big computer filled with a lot of programs (everyday activities). All computers can be infected by what not; trojans (diseases), viruses (violence) and the list just goes on. That’s how I see Accel World right now.

Anyway, the episode focussed on sniffing out that mysterious Burst Linker, although I probably shouldn’t say mysterious. Haruyuki was already on to him. He knew that it was that freshmen ever since he saw that practice match against Takumu. They decided to follow him around, see if he does anything out of the ordinary. I honestly couldn’t see the point of that. It was quite obvious that he was the one, as he was saying “Physical Burst”, a skill that allows the user to move much faster at the cost of five points per three seconds, during every one of Takumu’s attacks. They should’ve waited for Kuroyukihime to return from her trip before picking a fight with Nomi.

Things got even worse when Nomi actually set up a trap. He too knew that they were on to him. He even had the balls to come out in the open to make a few demands. Apparently, all he wants his Chiyuri and her avatar’s healing abilities. He was even willing to start a match against Haruyuki to get what he wants. Which brings me to the following; his avatar looked messed up. It was as if his avatar was constructed out of all kinds of different avatars. Very strange.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that I don’t like that type of character at all. He’s cocky, mentally instable and willing to do anything in order to get his way. That guy is the same as Takumu during the first few episodes. I’ll raise hell if he too becomes a ‘buddy’ afterwards.

Accel World episode 14 screencaps

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