Jul 25, 2012

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Accel World episode 15

Sorry if I’m too direct with this post, but I’m a bit disappointed. This episode, for me at least, was a big let-down. It’s like we’ve spent these last fifteen weeks watching an anime for nothing, seeing as we’re basically back to episode one; with Haruyuki being the same weak, terrified little man.

We continue watching the story as Haruyuki starts his battle against Nomi. Little did Haruyuki know that Nomi’s avatar had a special ability; the ability to steal something from his opponents. Guess which part of Haruyuki he ended up stealing? That’s right. Nomi stole Haruyuki’s wings, the one thing that separated him from other avatars. Seriously, forget about defeating Nomi. Just get it over with by putting a bullet in his head.

That’s when things got even worse. Haruyuki lost the will to go on. He lost his wings and most of his power, so he was serious planning on quitting. It feels as though we’re back to episode one, where he basically thought the same way he does right now. That is why I’m having a hard time writing this post, as my motivation is slowly dropping.

The one thing that keeps me going right now is that there’s a possibility that Haruyuki might recover and come back stronger than ever before. It all depends on whether or not that mysterious avatar can help him get back his wings. God, it’s all so complicated right now. I knew that they should’ve waited for Kuroyukihime to return from her school trip, because their loss is too great right now. Things should be okay though, as long as Takumu won’t make the same mistake as Haruyuki. It’ll be very interesting to see how Haruyuki will recover from this.

Accel World episode 15 screencaps

  1. you make it sound as though this is the best show yet. I find it rather dull if you watch it for too long

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