Aug 2, 2012

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Accel World episode 16

I must admit that this turned out to be an interesting episode. However, I still think that Haruyuki has a long way to go if he wants to protect his friends from people like Nomi. Chiyuri is probably Nomi’s property by now. It’s really too bad that there aren’t actual deaths in Accel World, because I really hate characters like Nomi. They get on my nerves.

So Haruyuki has finally met up with a Burst Linker called Sky Raker, an infamous Burst Linker that obtained her reputation by trying to be the first avatar to fly. She failed and met up with Haruyuki, the first avatar that actually flied, and it amazed me that she didn’t betray him in the end. That’s something one would expect from Accel World; violence and betrayal.

Haruyuki spent the episode working on a new skill; the ability to turn his hands into sharp swords that could pierce almost anything. Quite the interesting development, but how will this help him get back his wings? Kuroyukihime will be very disappointed when she finds out what happened between him and Nomi. It’s Haruyuki’s fault for acting on his own though.

I must say, I was actually surprised when Haruyuki met up with Sky Raker in person. I honestly didn’t see that coming. I guess it’s part of Accel World’s magic; always expect the unexpected. I’ll be looking forward to see how Haruyuki will retrieve his wings. Nomi’s avatar has to ability to steal other people’s abilities, but there has to be a way to change things back to normal. It’s a wild guess on my part, but I think that Haruyuki is going to use Nomi’s unique ability against him, thereby taking back that which belongs to him. I can’t wait to see what happens!

Accel World episode 16

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