Aug 8, 2012

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Accel World episode 17

Oh my, great episode! It seems that Haruyki has grown a little. He’s a little less bark and a little more bite. I like that. It’s strange that he seems to have changed so much in just one or two episodes. The thing is, Kuroyukihime didn’t seem to notice a thing when they spoke to each other. Maybe she was hiding it or maybe Haruyuki’s a better liar than I thought.

The story continues as Takumu devised a plan of his own to take on Nomi. He realized that something was wrong with Haruyuki, so he decided to challenge Nomi during his exams, a time where he was sure to use Accel World to cheat. Smart move, Takumu. It seems that someone did his homework, huh?

Nothing could’ve been further from the truth though. Takumu thought that it would be another one of those regular battles, but no… He was up against someone far more annoying than ever before. Takumu was soon brought to his knees by Nomi. The guy didn’t stand a chance. Nomi, being the arrogant little brat that he is, was just toying around with him.

Nomi’s arrogance will someday backfire though. He invited Haruyuki to join the fight, thereby changing it into a battle royal. Nomi soon realized that Haruyuki had grown, and that he too now possessed the power of incarnation. Haruyuki was on fire. He withstood each and every one of Nomi’s incarnated attacks, plus he fought retaliated throughout the entire fight. It was nice to see how Haruyuki, having always been the underdog, push Nomi into a corner. Hell, it even got to a point where Haruyuki pulled each and every rabbit out of his magic hat to bring Nomi down. It was a beautiful thing to see.

Which brings me to this; everything was going smoothly. Takumu was slowly recovering, Haruyuki was still standing proud and Nomi was lying in the dirt, where he quite possibly belongs. Yes, all went surprisingly well, until Chiyuri showed up and used her abilities to restore Nomi’s health points. Betrayal, thy name is woman. I was actually a bit mad when I saw that. What possible reason could she possibly have had to do that? I mean, her friends were winning. That should’ve rendered any threat by Nomi useless. She has a lot of explaining to do, that’s for sure.

Accel World episode 17 screencaps

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