Aug 22, 2012

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Accel World episode 19

Sigh, still a disappointing episode, but even I have to admit that it was pretty amusing. I can’t see how this episode is of any value. I suppose that Kuroyukihime made a few new friends. I suppose that new friends can always come in handy in the future.

Kuroyukihime-chan encountered an old friend in need of help, so she decided that she might as well give him a helping hand to defeat a cheating Burst Linker. The aforementioned Burst Linker used a certain cheat that allowed him to use pets and enter area’s that are nowhere near to him. Nobody likes a cheater, not even Kuroyukihime, which is probably why she agreed to help her friend.

No surprise there to be honest. Kuroyukihime’s personality is simply like that. She would do almost anything to help her friends out, especially when Haruyuki is somehow involved. The fact that she sacrificed her health as well as almost all of her points in order to save Haruyuki proves all of that.

It was pretty interesting to see Kuroyukihime struggle for a little bit. She was supposed to be a level nine king, yet she couldn’t handle one annoying little cheater. She couldn’t handle one cheater, so how is she going to defeat a whole guild of them? I foresee a whole lot more problems in the future, even though the anime is nearing its end.

I can only hope, judging by this episode, that the main story will pick up again during the very next episode. I have been dying to find out why Chiyuri did what she did. She couldn’t have been afraid for Nomi, as he had almost been defeated by Haruyuki. I just can’t figure it out.

Accel World episode 19 screencaps

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