Sep 19, 2012

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Accel World episode 23

Finally! Finally an episode that made my mouth water once again! Those evil geniuses led us to believe that everything was going as Nomi had planned. Haruyuki was trapped by his partner and Takumu wouldn’t do an awful lot. Don’t even get me started about Chiyuri. She just stood there watching, so she doesn’t even deserve a mention.

The episode, as mentioned above, started out horribly. Haruyuki and Takumu were timing things perfectly, hoping to encounter Nomi alone. Unfortunately, Nomi and his ‘club’ of cheaters knew how to bypass certain limitations in Accel World, allowing one of his friends to join the fight without signing up for it. Seriously, that guy’s unfairness knows no bounds. Nomi, with his mind on the edge of insanity, launched attack after attack on Takumu, rendering him practically useless. No surprise there though, as Takumu has only recently learned about the reincarnation system.

What bothers me most is Nomi’s reason for cheating. He has the overpowered ability to steal other people’s abilities. He uses this ability with great joy, which actually made me all the more curious about it. I for one would never have believed that he did it out of hate for his older brother, whom took everything from him as a child.

To think that his brother made him a Burst Linker… Well, it’s not like I can’t understand it. Make your little brother a Burst Linker, level him up a bit and let him farm points for you. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t want to give you his points, because all need to do is bully him and he’ll give in eventually. Ah, good ‘ol ‘brotherly love’ never goes amiss, does it?

But enough with the sarcasm, let us focus on what’s really important here; Kuroyukihime’s appearance! She spent fifteen hours in Accel World, which would be a minute or so in the ‘normal’ world, so that she could support her friends, her guild. And there was I was, thinking that taming beasts in Accel World was illegal and/or overall difficult. She made it sound so easy, but then again… She is a level nine king after all…

I would like to end this post by adding one final thought: I think it would be great if the next season, providing there’s going to be one, which I think there will, would be about Kuroyukihime’s guild and their fight against that ‘club’ of cheaters. I’m pretty sure that that would be highly entertaining.

Accel World episode 23 screencaps

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