Apr 22, 2012

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Acchi Kocchi episode 03

A great start to a great weekend. I hope up, hauled in this week’s episode of Acchi Kocchi, made breakfast and ate at while watching this week’s episode. Want to know what I learned from this? Never eat, drink and watch Acchi Kocchi at the same time. It’s a very nasty combination. I almost choked on a piece of toast because I couldn’t stop laughing. Not to mention all the juice that fell to the floor after it left via my nose.

This week’s episode was almost just as good as the previous ones. I had hoped that there would be a little bit more progress on the romance department, but that’s alright. The anime has just begun, so I’m sure that we will get a lot more romance in the (near) future. Don’t get the wrong Idea though, as I really liked this week’s episode. It’s just that the comedy seems to have dropped a tiny little bit.

I loved how, during their snowball fight, Mayoi pulled out that freaky snowball gun. That character really knows how to liven things up. Still, Mayoi and her gun were no match for Tsumiki’s Dragonball Z-like attack. I laughed pretty hard when she came crawling through that snowball as if what she just did was normal.

That’s when the second half started, and what a half it was too. It was finally time for Tsumiki to shine. You see, Tsumiki-chan, apparently, can cook the most delicious things. That is why she was in the spotlight during this half. Everyone, including the rest of their classmates, tried to create something during class. Some succeeded, most failed, and yet they all mooched off one another. It got to the point where everyone tasted each other’s food. I laughed so hard when Io tried to trick Tsumiki-chan into feeding her, and that she ended up chewing on his head instead. Seriously guys, where else can you see this kind of comedy? Only in Japan…

I hope I made it clear how fan this week’s episode was. I don’t want people to think that I didn’t enjoy it, despite what I wrote earlier. It was really fun. The juice literally came shooting out of my nose as I took a sip during that scene were Io tried to pull Mayoi out of the snow, but shoved her back in when her hilarious underwear was exposed. I watched that scene over and over again for like three to four times. Anyway, I will definitely keep watching this anime. Where else could I possibly get my weekly dose of awesome comedy?

Acchi Kocchi episode 03 screencaps

  1. Tsumiki-chan is so cute 😀

    That scene where she bit his head was the best 😀 I actually made a gif out of that 😀

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