May 6, 2012

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Acchi Kocchi episode 05

Darn. Acchi Kocchi arrived very late this week, resulting in me having to watch it a day later, and thus finishing this post a day later. Perhaps that’s a good thing. I wasn’t really in a writing mood anymore after having seen this week’s episode of Fate/Zero. I will have you all know that this episode has cheered me right up!

And so we enter the world of Acchi Kocchi. It’s a world where one-sided romances, ridiculous contests and pranks rule everything. This week was no exception. We watched as that group of hilarious idiots faced each other in the weirdest volleyball match ever. But we all know that a contest has both losers and winners, and the losers would have to go to the school’s cantina, obtain “hard-to-get” food, and return to the winners. Interesting, they just had their physicals the same day, and most of the girls were worried about their weight, but still they wanted more food… That must definitely be a girl thing.

The other half wasn’t any different. What looked like a fun day at the park, soon turned into another contest. Who knew that a Frisbee could be that dangerous? Still, it didn’t revolve around a contest this time. Io attracted a sh*tload of cats whilst there. And those cats just wouldn’t leave his side. That’s when everyone started to get jealous of both Io and the cats (can you guess which of ones were jealous of those cats?).

It was pretty hilarious to watch as Io threw a Frisbee so that that cat could catch and return it. It actually made me think a little. I have never seen a cat do those kinds of tricks. Sure, with dogs I’ve seen it countless of times, but not cats. I know, I think about strange stuff.

It goes without saying that I once again enjoyed this week’s episode. It’s amazing how simple stuff can amuse people. Those nosebleed-scenes alone are enough to put a smile on my face, and this must be the only anime where the characters get several nosebleeds during basically every episode. Also, I have chosen my favourite character, and no it’s not Tsumiki. Most people have picked Tsumiki because she looks so adorable. Like hell I would do that. I pick my favourite based on many things, and I’ve picked Mayoi. She is (in my humble opinion) the funniest. Plus her haircut is simply the best.

Acchi Kocchi episode 05 screencaps

  1. surely you must be joking? There is no way that Mayoi is better than Tsumiki. You probably only like her because she has the biggest breasts in that group 😛

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