May 20, 2012

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Acchi Kocchi episode 07

Now this was quite unexpected. The comedy in Acchi Kocchi has been slowly declining, but this episode may have set that right again. I laughed a lot again during this episode. The weird thing is; not much has changed. It was also very nice to see that the characters weren’t competing with each other for once.

I’m a little bit surprised to say it, but the entire episode was good, even part A. The episode revolved around their trip and how they got there. They were planning to go by train, but things got complicated when Tsumiki-chan, because she was looking for Hime-chan, arrived too late and was forced to wait for the next train. That’s when Io jumped out of the window because he wouldn’t let a girl wait alone like that.

My god, now that’s what I can a perfect change. Let’s us just say that those two are alone together for at least one hour. Wouldn’t that be more than enough for them to work on their current relationship? That was what one might refer to as a “golden opportunity”. I can tell from experience that those don’t appear that often.

Those two soon met up with the rest of the group, and I was kind of disappointed to see that not much had changed. Tsumiki-chan was probably too nervous to do or say anything to the guy. But that’s alright; she had a lot of chances. Like when Io fell asleep and she rested his head on her lap. Tsumiki-chan must’ve been in seventh heaven during that time. Sigh, she wouldn’t have had to go through all that trouble if Io was aware of those around him. It’s not exactly as though Tsumiki has been hiding the fact that she has feeling for him, so what’s up with him? She has been dropping hint after hint.

Oh well, their day soon came to an end, and in Japan that only means that you have to go outside and play with fireworks, right? I learned something new today; you don’t just light the fuse in Japan. You make sure that your friend(s) gets hit by each and every bottle rocket you fire, even when he can barely stand. Good ‘ol Japan, never a dull (or normal) moment.

I won’t dance around the fact that I enjoyed this week’s episode quite a bit. Things weren’t as complicated or boring. This episode was simple, clear and funny. That’s how I would like to see every episode. No reason to overcomplicate things, because that just sucks out all of the comedy, and I don’t think that the viewers would appreciate that. Either way; I’m staying put. I have confidence again in Acchi Kocchi, so I’ll be sure to watch next week’s episode with great interest.

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  1. makakkun says:

    Episode was epic 😀

  2. They don’t necessarily have to have romance in it, romance would be appreciated though.

  3. _marky_mark_ says:

    Marriage in it!

    It could end with it like *spoilers* Clannad (sort of?), and Toradora. Like Bakuman had it, or even like Seto no Hanayome, where it happened in the first episode.

    already established relationships like Acchi Kocchi/ already dating (no example)

    I would prefer no harems, if possible. I’m also totally fine with yaoi and yuri. This goes for everything, but no hentai/x-rated series.

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