Jun 3, 2012

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Acchi Kocchi episode 09

Pretty amusing episode this was. It turned out to be yet another one of those rare episodes where the characters didn’t compete amongst themselves, even though they were doing yet another festival of sorts. Seriously, just how many festivals does Japan have? Not that I’m jealous or anything, because going to school in Japan is actually very hard work.

So yeah, this episode revolved around part A; the preparation for the school festival, and part B; the actual festival. It was pretty cute to see Tsumiki in that cat costume, even though she’s practically a cat herself. Then again, the entire first half was just a funny parade of mistakes, jokes and accidents. That’s just Acchi Kocchi, you don’t get much else. I suppose Acchi Kocchi may not be that type of anime, but I would really like to see a little bit more romance every now and then. Let’s face it; there have been plenty of opportunities for great romantic scenes, like when Io was sleeping and Tsumiki wanted to kiss him.

The second half was a little different. Different girls approached Io and his crepe stand and seemed to be getting a lot quite nicely with him. That kind of upset the jealous Tsumiki a little bit. It was pretty obvious that she doesn’t like it when other, unknown girls get too close to Io. But damn, watching him make those crepes made me pretty hungry. I usually never get hungry when watching anime characters cook or eat, but those things looked pretty darn good.

Anyway, Acchi Kocchi is coming to an end, and frankly; I have yet to see an actual story. This has just been one endless parade of gag-like comedy with a few (although short) romantic scenes. I would like, even if it’s just ones, to see something happen between Tsumiki. A kiss on the cheek is fine. Come on… Throw the girl a bone already. She’s been after Io since the anime started.`

Acchi Kocchi episode 09 screencaps

  1. How is it a comedy?

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