Jun 10, 2012

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Acchi Kocchi episode 10

This week’s episode was late again, but at least it turned out to be a lot more amusing than expected. No competitions, no silly and dry jokes, just plain old Acchi Kocchi. That’s the way it should be. Also, the first half was pretty funny this time, a lot funnier than the second half.

The first half revolved around Mayoi’s plan to scare the living daylights out of all her friends. She got this strange bear costume in order to accomplish that, but some of her friends (Io and Tsumiki) weren’t convinced. I’m not surprised. It was in the middle of a snowy winter and Mayoi appears in a brown bear costume, an animal that normally hibernates during that time of season. Mayoi-chan did not think that through, the silly girl. I was surprised (not really) that Hime-chan, Sakai and their teacher all ran away from Mayoi and her bear costume. Remember people; only in Japan.

The second half was a little less exciting I’m afraid. Chrismas had arrived and they were all working, trying to sell cakes and whatnot. That’s fine, really fine. You can’t organise ridiculous competitions when you are supposed to be working, so I was pretty relieved. There were a few hilarious scenes, but I’m amazed by Io’s thick headedness. He just never seizes to amaze on that front. Tsumiki-chan makes it so obvious, yet he does not acknowledge her feelings for him. What is she supposed to do? Hire one of those pilots to fly one of those banners in the sky? My god…

You know, there are times when Acchi Kocchi can get pretty frustrating. The characters are playing silly games, doing ridiculous competitions and Io’s inability to comprehend other people’s feelings is the worst of it all. Tsumiki tries so hard, but no… He just doesn’t realize it. I’m amazed Tsumiki-chan keeps going at it, seeing as your average girl would’ve given up already. I wish I could say I was really excited about the next episode, as the chances of Io changing are slim to none, but we’ll see…

Acchi Kocchi episode 10 screencaps

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