Jul 1, 2012

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Acchi Kocchi episode 12

My god, even Acchi Kocchi has a strange ending. I really want to know what’s going on in Japan right now. You start watching the episode and you get hopeful, really. You wonder if Io and Tsumiki will finally end up together or if things will just continue in the usual pointless direction.

The episode started out with the girls’ preparation for Valentine’s Day. We all know that not so magical day where blind love takes over and a guy’s wallet suddenly becomes as thin as paper. Yes, that day. You start watching Acchi Kocchi, knowing that Valentine’s Day is at hand, and you immediately think that it’s finally going to happen between Io and Tsumiki-chan. How dreadfully wrong I was. What in the hell was I thinking? Of course they won’t end up together. Acchi Kocchi is focussed on comedy, cheap comedy. I must’ve been drunk when thinking that something might actually happen between those characters.

Still, the entire episode revolved around giving each other sweets. That’s it. Sure, there were some minor complications, but it was basically yet another one of those directionless episodes. I knew that the story was practically non-existent, but come on…  At least give us a proper ending. They focussed more on comedy and the ‘aww’-factor than on a proper storyline, obviously.

To think that they would end the anime by making Io pat Tsumiki on the head as though she were a cat, how silly. The cuteness and comedy was there, I’ll give them that much, but the story leaves me a little bit confused and unsatisfied. Shame too, because I really enjoyed watching Acchi Kocchi from time to time.

Acchi Kocchi episode 12 screencaps

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