Jul 17, 2014

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Ai Mai Mi: Mousou Catastrophe

Ah! I see what you did there! It wasn’t amusing or interesting the first time, so why not make another season and throw in a lot more magic and girly crap? That should make things right! Saddest part is; it may have done. It certainly started out better than the first season… Oh god… Kill me now.

Ai Mai Mi Mousou CatastropheYou could use this stuff as a means of punishment. Lock your son in his room and make him watch a whole season of this in a row as punishment. He will wash your car, do the dishes, polish your shoes and start finding ways to get emancipated.

Not much to say about the story. It’s pointless and ridiculous. What can you expect from a three-minute-per-episode-show?

I won’t be watching this personality. I therefore cannot recommend this to anyone. I think you’d just be wasting your time. What bothers me is that this show listed as “slice of life” anime. Really? When did you ever see magical girls fight off stupid “bad guys” in your life? That has yet to happen to me…

Plot Summary: Ai, Mai, and Mi, are the three girls that make up the manga club. Although they possess ample imagination, their far-out fantasies and insane adventures usually distract them from actually drawing any manga. From rescuing an abandoned cat, to getting addicted to video games, these girls handle ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

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