Feb 14, 2012

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Amagami SS+ Plus also gets Miya Tachibana content

Amagami SS+ Plus also gets Miya Tachibana content

The official website for the Amagami SS+ romance anime series announced on Tuesday that the anime’s seventh Blu-ray Disc/DVD volume will contain an episode arc for the Miya Tachibana character from Enterbrain’s original Amagami game. The episode will be titled “Onsen,” and the Blu-ray Disc/DVD volume will ship on October 3.

The story is set on a Sunday as Christmas draws near and the male lead Jun’ichi has not made any moves on a girl. Jun’ichi’s sister Miya goes to a hot spring that just opened with her classmates Sae and Ai. However, the other Amagami heroines — Tsukasa, Rihoko, Kaoru, and Haruka — also appear there. Without Jun’ichi, the girls talk among themselves at the hot spring.

The volume will come with a “Sweet Standee Kisekae+” card cut-out of Miya as well as stickers for interchangeable accessories on the cut-out.

The first Amagami SS television anime series also inspired a Miya episode arc.

Source: Tower Anime

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