Jan 14, 2012

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Amagami SS+ Plus episode 02

Great stuff, really. I had great joy in watching this week’s episode, seriously. I’m always so surprised by these stories that I sometimes get a little bit chocked up. Just a little bit! I never really met a girl in a somewhat romantic way. It’s always been normal and plain, so it’s kind of refreshing to watch this.

So once again Tsukasa goes first and I was surprised by how bold she was. She knew that Junichi was merely being used in order to get to her. Still, she ignored it and took Junichi with her, only to confess in a very interesting way. Well, it wasn’t exactly a confession. She just kissed him and made him promise that he would only have eyes for her. The guy just got kissed by one of the school’s prettiest girls, so naturally he agreed and vowed to always remain by her side.

Meanwhile the election for student president was still going at full speed ahead while the participants started to get nervous. But that’s understandable, especially in Sae’s case, seeing as she’s ridiculously shy and has a hard time communicating with other people.

The election was coming to a climax as the students got ready to vote for their ideal student president. The atmosphere was pretty tense until the results finally got posted on the notice board. Tsukasa, after having endured a great deal of agro, got elected to be the student president. Lucky her; she gained the title of student president, a boyfriend and a bunch of new followers.

It got even more fun Tsukasa and Junichi walked home and he had to protect her from some kind hyperactive dog. He ended up falling in the river whilst trying to protect her. This is what made his day. Tsukasa invited him to her house in order to take a hot bath while his clothes are being dried. This couldn’t have gone any better; she got into the bath with him in order to wash his back. Seriously, how lucky is that guy? Sure, nothing happened, except for a little kissing, but they made a lot of progress in that one day.

Needless to say that I’m more than just satisfied about this week’s episode. I really enjoyed it a lot. I can only hope that next week’s episode will be at least half as good. Also, I see that people have gotten a bit more realistic about the show’s ratings. The average is now somewhere between eight and eight and a half.

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