Jan 21, 2012

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Amagami SS+ Plus episode 03

Yet another episode of Amagami SS+ Plus where the story gets reset. Well, the story doesn’t get reset, but it simply puts a new female character in the spotlight. Amagami SS+ Plus, just like the prequel, shows many different love stories about how Junichi gets himself a relationship, which is why you see a different girl in the spotlight from time to time.

Next up is Rihoko, Junichi’s childhood friend. She has a crush on him but doesn’t have the courage to confess to him, yet. Rihoko is a pretty carefree girl who likes to take things easy.  She constantly seems to think about it, even when he’s a few inches away. She’s your typical shy yet talkative girl that everyone ends up ignoring, the type of girl that has a select few “best friends”.

That type of girl, as shown in this episode, always seems to be thinking about herself, or more specifically; about her physical flaws. She was constantly fussing about her weight, which seemed like a very big deal to her, as she wouldn’t even show Junichi how much she weighed. She worries about the little things, but she’s completely oblivious to many other things, for example; Junichi was measuring her chest size and she didn’t have any problem with that, but she did draw the line when it came to her weight. She’s a very strange girl indeed.

Things went pretty normal from there on out. Rihoko, being that type of girl, decided to make Junichi some delicious food. Cooking skills really do fit her profile, don’t they? Still, this type of story isn’t anything special. You know, a childhood friend that’s good at cooking, coming over to cook for the boy of her dreams… that’s so cliché!

Sure, Rihoko is a very lovely girl. She’s shy, simpleminded and friendly. But that type of character also has its flaws, and those flaws became very clear when she was approached by a boy during her shopping trip. He confessed to her, probably because he was drawn to her by her big breasts, but Rihoko, being the type of girl that she is, was not capable of answering him.

It’s a very complicated situation, especially now that Junichi most likely saw the whole thing, or at least most of it. He either loses any romantic feelings he has for her after what he witnessed, or he’ll confront her about it. Either way; I’ll be sure to watch! I just hope that he won’t act like the jealous type, as Rihoko doesn’t strike me as the type of girl who’d react positively to that.

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