Jan 28, 2012

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Amagami SS+ Plus episode 04

I want to finish this last before so that I can schedule it for tomorrow, I don’t really like to do things on the very last minute. Anyway, the story continues in Amagami SS Plus as I finally discover just what kind of love story this is. Don’t worry, it’s absolutely nothing special, in fact; this story turned out to be a little bit corny.

The episode continues with Rihoko telling that boy that she’s not interested in him, but that she’s interested in someone else. That boy wasn’t satisfied yet, he wanted to know who she liked. Keep in mind that Junichi was still listening at this point and heard every single word. Naturally Rihoko told him that she had a crush on Junichi, as she wanted to get rid of that pushy boy. This turned out to be a good thing actually.

She returned to Junichi’s and started the cooking process. Junichi arrived minutes after she did and started acting strange the minute he laid eyes on her. That’s when I knew that he was listening in on them, what other reason could there possibly have been for his strange behaviour? Either way; keep it in mind that it was a good thing. Junichi started thinking about their relationship as friends; he even yanked out his photo book with all their pictures in it.

It soon became dark out so it was time to go to bed, but the only one that could sleep was Junichi’s little sister. She even mistook his room for the bathroom, she was simply that tired. Still, Junichi soon went outside to think about things. It’s only natural that Rihoko ended up joining him, as she could sleep either. They talked, played with some fireworks, when suddenly Junichi tripped after getting caught up in Rihoko’s fireworks. He landed right on top of her when he finally confessed to her.

I told you, didn’t it? This story wasn’t anything special. What did you expect? Both of them are way too shy to just confess their feelings openly. But still, they finally did it, ending yet another arc. I can’t wait to see which girl will be next. I really hope its Kauro, because she was my absolute favourite during the first season! Oh, and did I mention that the ratings for this show have improved? It’s true, they have risen quite a bit.

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