Feb 11, 2012

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Amagami SS+ Plus episode 06

Time flew by once again. Either that or the people behind the fansubs are getting a lot faster with their projects. I opened up my browser and saw four episodes lined up for me to watch, that’s too much, even for me. I really do think it’s too bad that there’s no permanent schedule for these things, because that would make things a whole lot easier.

Anyway, Amagami SS Plus continues with Ai-chan doing her best at the school’s Christmas festival. She seemed fine, but things when south as soon as she took a break. She kept thinking about Junichi and his exam-camp. What a way to ruin your own Christmas Eve, thinking about some guy that stupidly messed up his exams. Junichi better be worth it, or he’ll have hell to pay!

Meanwhile Junichi actually tried his best at that strange camp of his. I really, really hope that those camps are just fictional, as I can’t imagine people actually attending those things on Christmas Eve with such strict teachers guarding the place. Still, Junichi “escaped” the camp as soon as he finished his work for the day. The kid wanted to be with his girlfriend on Christmas Eve, can you blame the guy? What’s worse is that those teachers of his actually came looking for him.

He didn’t have to look very far, he found Ai as she was standing outside a shop looking at the toy that she was given the year before. That’s where they took their relationship a little bit higher. The bought one another presents, did a sorts of fun stuff, and encountered several familiar faces. But it was not about other people, it was about them and them alone. They decided to go to a quiet place where they could “talk” things over.

Hehe, saddest thing is that with Junichi it really was just a “talk”. It would mean something else entirely with your average guy. I mean, come on… it’s Christmas Eve, they’ve been going out for some time, he blew his important camp to be with her, so just make the move already!  But no, not Junichi, he plays everything slowly.

It was a pretty good episode, I for one enjoyed it. A lot of comedy, romance and it was a pretty nice ending. I wonder which one is next… come on Kaoru! In season one she was my favourite, so don’t ruin her for me! But hell, with my luck she’ll probably be last. I’ll laugh if that actually happens, I really will.

  1. kirios-senpai says:

    You have a lot of interesting posts GameDemon. I think I might follow your work for a while.

    And to answer you question: Yes, yes they do have special camps in Japan that help students with their education. Remember that Japan’s educational system is a lot stricter than the ones we are used to.

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