Feb 18, 2012

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Amagami SS+ Plus episode 07

Yattaaa~! My patience has been rewarded! We finally get to see Kaoru in the spotlight. I know it’s too soon to say, but I think that she is once again my favourite. It must be that personality of hers, or something…? Either way; the first episode was great, and now I’m dying to see the second one! Hurry up with Amagami SS Plus next week, please!

The episode starts out great. Kaoru showed up when Junichi was doing some drawing assignment for school. However, Junichi sucks at drawing, so he decided to ask Kaoru for help, seeing as she’s pretty good at it. She could’ve sat anywhere, but she decided sit on the same chair as him, making things a little bit uncomfortable for him. She was shaking, bouncing and wiggling like crazy as she drew, giving Junichi the time of his life. She was about to finish when it looked like he was about to have an orgasm. That was absolutely hilarious. Imagine looking at that expression when you’re flat on your back with your legs in the air, ladies. Nightmare fuel, eh?

Still, Kaoru didn’t notice it. She’s very easy going, unpredictable and unaware of obvious things. For example; she was being very intimate with Junichi, but she didn’t notice at all that people saw them as a couple. She only noticed when it was pointed out to her, and that’s when she became a little bit uncomfortable herself. Still, it’s thanks to that personality that we all get to enjoy the show so much, right?

I really liked the first part because it was so good, so familiar and so hilarious. First they got a part-time job working as entertaining for children (and adult perverts), then they ended spending some of that money on a bus tour, and they didn’t even finish the tour, yet! They were too late during their brake, so the driver took off when he saw a bulge in their spot. Come on… does it get any more creative than that? I hope to find out during next week’s episode.

Also, I’m getting a slight flashback from the first season. Those two spent the night together (normally) out of necessity, so… déjávu? I’m satisfied either way, as I’m sure that the best is yet to come. I doubt that the driver would notice and turn the bus around, so it’s my guess that they’ll find a cheap motel, or some other place to spend the night (together). That’ll be the time when their love will be, erm… I’m going to go with ‘reawakened’, seeing as they’ve dated before.

And that’s why Kaoru is my favourite! She’s the unpredictable one. You’re almost guaranteed to have a great time while watching episodes with her in it. It would’ve been ever better if they made that character a little more aggressive, you know? Don’t let her be too shy, allow her to make the first move.

Amagami SS+ Plus episode 07 screencaps

  1. I can understand why you like the Kaoru arcs so much 😛 this episode was by far the best I think:P

    I saved that pic to my pc with that ecstatic smile of his 😀

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