Feb 25, 2012

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Amagami SS+ Plus episode 08

… What the hell? They had a really good thing going, but what’s up with this ending? They set up a good start with that whole bus tour thing, but how in the hell did it end like this? I just don’t get it, I really don’t. To answer your question; yes, yes I’m very disappointed.

The episode started out just fine; the two of them managed to get a lift by a very nice truck driver, who promised to drop them off at the local inn. So we have two teenagers alone in an inn with no adult supervision. Doesn’t that just sound great? It got even better when it turned out that they’re the only costumers at the inn, meaning that there was no one around to disturb hem. Things looked even more promising when they ended up in the same hot spring together. Hell, they each managed to take a free peek. Doesn’t this seem like the perfect setup?

Yes, yes it does seem like the perfect setup. Now then; explain to me why Junichi ended up falling asleep before she even opened up her mouth? How in the hell does that even happen? I understand the troubles of being tired, but that is just not an issue when you’re alone together with a beautiful girl, who loves you just as much as you love her. Why? Seriously, why? They had a great meal and a great bath, so why did the night end like that? They were a few inches apart from each other, come on… Be a man; confess to her, kiss her and what happens next… well…

Unfortunately that was not the case. Junichi fell asleep and Kaoru couldn’t be bothered to wake him up. Their arguing only got worse the very next day, as soon as Junichi realized that he left his coin purse in that phone booth during last week’s episode. They were arguing like there was no tomorrow, so naturally I started to lose hope.

Sigh… I still don’t get it, but they spent the rest of their day on the beach, thinking about their next move, when they suddenly decided to make up. I couldn’t believe it. They argued throughout the whole episode, but within just a minute or two they managed to make up big time. By that I mean; Junichi took a little bit initiative by pulling Kaoru on top of him so they could kiss and make up.

Okay, this is definitely not my favourite arc in Amagami SS Plus, that’s for sure. I cannot believe what they did to me. I feel like I got a dozen kicks in the family jewels. My enthusiasm for Amagami SS Plus has considerably dropped.

Amagami SS+ Plus episode 08 screencaps

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    I hate the camera angles! I need shots from the front

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