Mar 3, 2012

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Amagami SS+ Plus episode 09

Here we go again with Amagami SS Plus. I have no idea what’s wrong with this week’s episode, it just doesn’t feel right. I had a feeling that Sae-chan would be next. I didn’t actually enjoy it as much as I thought I would though. It felt like they were telling us a story more than showing us a romantic love story. Why the hell did they narrate this episode? It just doesn’t seem right.

Anyway, this arc is all about Sae-chan, a very shy girl due to having studied at an all-girl’s school. Her shyness is what makes things a bit difficult for Junichi, a boy who can be very shy himself. Still, even he can be pushy when he wants to. He already saw them as a couple and that much became clear when he tried to make the decisions for her (food, drinks, etc.).  He wanted to prove to the people around him that he was indeed “worthy” of being her boyfriend. Funny, he thinks that being worthy means that he has to make her decisions for her. Probably because those that type of relationship is meant to last… [Insert sarcastic remark here].

I also noticed that Miya-chan, Junichi’s younger sister, gets involved during each and every arc. Why? That was never the case during season one. I like that character, but not as interference during each and every arc, that just seems like overdoing it. Fine, so she may introduce an element or comedy, so what? That’s no excuse to use that character for the same reason during all the arcs.

It was Miya’s fault that Junichi got the wrong idea about Sae’s activities. Miya misheard Sae and thought that she was away for a marriage interview and whatnot. Junichi, thinking he was her boyfriend, went nuts and decided to go and see her. He brought along a tape, thinking it might come in handy when trying to change her mind. He didn’t want her to marry someone else. Things became a little uncomfortable when it turned out that Sae was only there so that her puppy could play with someone else’s puppy.

Strange how things work out, huh? One minute he’s all agitated about what his little sister told him, the other he’s in heaven because of what Sae told him; that she wished that she would spend the rest of her live with him. That’s pretty sweet, not to mention brave when you consider her shyness. That’s a pretty corny way to start a relationship.

That was pretty much my opinion about this week’s episode. I really don’t like the way they’ve done this episode. I don’t want to be told some kind of cock and bull story. I just want to watch something good, something romantic and funny. Amagami SS Plus is usually guaranteed to offer that, but this week that was hardly the case. What a shame…

Amagami SS+ Plus episode 09 screencaps

  1. Mopoli113 says:

    Season one was much better, but I must agree that I dislike the ‘story telling’ type of episode.

  2. boring…

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