Mar 17, 2012

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Amagami SS+ Plus episode 11

I was very nervous when watching this episode, but very relieved when I finished it. Now this is a proper arc, unlike the previous one. No one was telling us a story, showing us plain every-day scenes and I’m sure that the ending will be better as well. I’m once again looking forward to the next episode!

Starting this week, as to be expected, we will see a lot more of Haruka, this arc’s beauty. Now Haruka, unlike Sae, is picky, a tiny bit insensitive and very eccentric. She does have a bit of a shy-streak, but that’s nothing compared to Sae. I rather think she’s quite the playful girl when it comes to Junichi. I can’t wait to see the rest, I have a feeling that a great and romantic end is awaiting is.

However, there’s one thing that worries me. I definitely think that the ending will be romantic, but I fear that it has become a little bit predictable. We all know that Haruka wants to get married in the (near) future, especially since her cousin got proposed to by her boyfriend after her graduation ceremony. I really hope that Junichi won’t mimic that situation, because that would be very disappointing.

Sure, there were other things that I like and disliked, take Haruka’s cousin… Why does she look exactly like Haruka? It’s rare to be identical between siblings, let alone cousins. It just seems a little bit lazy to me, that’s all. It’s like they didn’t want to create a whole new character, so they created a second Haruka with blonde hair. It’s kind of shameless when you think about it, but alright, let us all just go with the flow.

There is one major thing that I did like though, and that’s the story. It’s a continuation of season one’s Haruka arc. I love it! I would’ve loved to see several more continuations, so that’s why I’m ecstatic about this one. Besides, season one’s Haruka arc left some questions uncovered, so it’s rather nice to see that they are trying to cover them during this arc. I just hope that it won’t stir up some of the fans, as I have seen some of them on several forums, my god…

Anyway, I liked this week’s episode. I just hope that I’m wrong about the ending. I’m pretty sure that an ending like that would cause a big fuss amongst the fans. Hell, whatever happens, happens, period. What I want to see now is that Junichi man’s up. He has moments where he suddenly has these bursts of manliness, like when he wants to kiss her leg (what can I say, the dude has got issues), but he will need it in order to confront Haruka-chan. I’m pretty sure that he knows what she wants by now, seeing as they’ve been doing this silly marriage acting game. Go for it, bro!

Amagami SS Plus episode 11 screencaps

  1. It was so moving

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