Mar 24, 2012

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Amagami SS+ Plus episode 12

Not bad, not bad at all. I expected a slightly different ending, but it turned out to be a bit better than I expected, unlike the High School DxD ending. I liked that they resumed the Haruka arc in the first place, but to finally see a genuine ending is absolutely great. I think that my questions have pretty much been answered by this episode, thank you!

The episode started out pretty average and normal. Those two, Haruka and Junichi, spent the day together at Junichi’s house, where they could be alone together. What did they decide to do with such a rare opportunity? Resume their roleplaying game of course, what else? Haruka loves the thought of getting married, so why not just play a scenario in which you are married to each other, right? Practice makes perfect.

Junichi was constantly worried about the unknown. Does she want me to say anything? Does she want me to offer her mandarins? Does she want me to peek during her bath (wtf)? Junichi was very nervous throughout the whole thing. I can’t blame him, can you? He’s alone in the house with the girl of his dreams, plus she’s staying the night. I would be freakin’ ecstatic.

The setting was absolutely perfect! It was time for bed, they slept in the same room and they were both still awake. I though; “this is it baby, this is it”.  Boy was I wrong. I have no idea why, but Haruka decided to use that very moment to tell Junichi that she’s going to England after her graduation. I did not see that coming, especially not during such a scene. I’m pretty sure that Junichi didn’t close his eyes after that for the rest of the night.

Time was limited and Junichi needed every second to find a way to stop this from happening. He tried to squeeze out some information from Haruka’s niece, but she didn’t tell him anything, she had already given him many clues. That’s when Junichi pulled some strings, so that he could fill in for the student president and give the farewell speech to all graduates during the graduation ceremony. He used this opportunity, just like Haruka’s niece hinted him to do, to confess and propose to Haruka-chan.

Say whatever the hell you want, but that requires balls of steel. I loved how they showed us the after-scenes. Junichi looked nervous, even as a bridegroom, but Haruka never looked prettier. It’s too bad that they didn’t show an eight years later scene, just like in the Sae arc, which was the only thing I actually really liked about that arc, but I suppose we can’t have it all. I really enjoyed this show and I recommend it to all romance fans, but watch Amagami SS first (if you haven’t seen it yet)!  I’m rather curious about the final episode; I wonder what they have in store for us…

Amagami SS Plus episode 12 screencaps

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