Dec 8, 2014

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Amagi Brilliant Park episode 10

I wanted to do this post yesterday but I was feeling so bad that I just skipped out on it. I am not at all better yet, but good enough to write up a post or two. At least this episode was a lot more informative and interesting than some of the others.

[Vivid] Amagi Brilliant Park - 10 [E89D8FDE].mkv_snapshot_06.55_[2014.12.07_23.07.32]So the park is open after all. I lost track and didn’t even notice that it was opened. I don’t even know when it was opened. All I know is that more and more people keep visiting and that things are actually starting to look a normal park with normal people. The shows are being done, the people are being entertained and I have yet to see any of the employees engage any of the customers in hand to hand combat. This must mean that the park is definitely improving under Seiya’s management, proving once and for all that he definitely knows what he’s doing.

[Vivid] Amagi Brilliant Park - 10 [E89D8FDE].mkv_snapshot_17.37_[2014.12.07_23.07.49]Now, it seems he is going to be rushing things, as one would already expect. He is worried about Latifa, whose memories and body “reset” after a year (gee, where have I heard this before?), so he is getting worried about having far too little time to accomplish his goal of getting all of those visitors. Bad things happen when things are rushed.

Now this tiny lion-like guy walks in at the last moment and tells everyone that he might have found a way to gain the required amount of visitors. Something tells me that it involves the girls and very little clothing again. But hey, we will have to wait another week to find that out, now wont we?

Amagi Brilliant Park episode 10 screencaps

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