Oct 12, 2014

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Amagi Brilliant Park

The first episode was really rough. I did not expect the protagonist to be forced to go on a date by a girl with guns. I did not expect that at al. Of course, there was something behind it. No girl would drag a boy to a deserted amusement park without a good reason.

Amagi Brilliant ParkThe artwork is good. It looks very nice and it is surprisingly detailed. You can clearly tell that the author didn’t mind going all out on the characters. They look very nice indeed.

The artwork, as good as it is, wasn’t the reason why I decided to watch and write about Amagi Brilliant Park. The story is quite interesting. It makes you wonder what is going to happen next, which is a good sign. There definitely aren’t many stories like these.

I recommend this completely. It is funny, interesting and it promises to be a little romantic as well. All that’s missing is a couple of panty shots and accidental touches and voila.

Plot Summary: Seiya was forced to accept an invitation to an amusement park by the mysterious and beautiful girl Isuzu. What he didn’t know was that she would bring him to the decrepit Amagi Brilliant Park, Japan’s most disappointing amusement park. Seiya is introduced to the leader of the Park, the “real princess” Latifah, who suddenly entrusts him with saving the park, which is in danger of shutting down. Amagi Brilliant Park, it turns out, is not just any amusement park, but rather one populated by fairies.

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