Apr 11, 2015

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Ame-iro Cocoa

This anime short is even shorter than other anime shorts. What is the point of that? What is the point of creating a show with only 2 minutes per episode?

Ame-iro CocoaThe artwork is alright for an anime short. I honestly cannot knock ‘em for that. Even the characters look pretty nice.

With an anime short you’d be able to expect a quick laugh if the show is good enough. I honestly think that you’re only making it worse by making it even shorter than other anime shorts.

I cannot recommend this. I saw the first episode and I must say that I had no idea what I was watching. The comedy was rather dull and there is absolutely nothing interesting about this.

Plot Summary: Due to various circumstances, college freshman Aoi Tokura begins part-timing at the café “Rainy Color” run by Shion Koga and owned by Kōji Amami. Attending the café are the cool and handsome Keiichi Iwase and the confident Ryōta Sakurai. Aoi’s life gets a lot more hectic, but fun.

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