Nov 30, 2012

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Angel’s Drop anime green-lit

Angel’s Drop anime green-lit

A billboard on the Comic ZIN shop in Tokyo’s Akihabara district and G-mode’s Comic Meteor website are announcing that an anime adaptation of Chizuna Nakajima’s bishōjo gag comedy manga Angel’s Drop (Tenshi no Drop) has been green-lit.

The story centers on Botan and Shinobu, two childhood friends who enroll in St. Azumaria Girls’ Academy. Their encounter with an “angel” named Un-chan lead to strange things happening in their lives. The manga openly describes itself as covering yuri, hentai, omorashi, and other elements of fetishism not usually seen in shōnen or shōjo manga.

Nakajima launched the manga on the Flex Comix Blood site last year, but after Flex Comix Blood shut down this year, the manga moved to Comic Meteor website. The third volume will be published next January.

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