Oct 24, 2012

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Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de

Well, this one sure arrived late. Still, I’m glad it arrived in the end. This anime is right up my alley. It’s funny, ecchi and filled with action. Sure, it could use a lot of work, but come on… I can’t go around giving negative reviews based on just a few things that could use some improvement.

The artwork is pretty interesting. Not great, but not bad either. The characters in this show are supposed to represent characters from Nintendo and Sega. Characters like Sonic, Zelda or the Mario Brothers. I really think the characters could use a lot more works. Hell, at least give them some recognizable features.

Unfortunately, the story is rather disappointing. Hell, it’s rather uninteresting. The entire show consists of things from games, things that other people have created. How could I, or any anime fan for that matter, possibly approve of that?

I admit that I was waiting for this, but not because it’s good. It’s not. It’s ecchi, has action and can be pretty funny at times. That’s what I like to see. However, I don’t recommend this. I could only recommend this to ecchi fans that don’t mind watching something without a good story. The rest will just have to keep searching for something else.

Plot Summary: In the battle for supremacy in Consume continent between parodical Segua (Sega) Kingdom and Ninteldo (Nintendo) Empire, the light-footed Gear (Sonic) appeared to defend his kingdom from the threat of Ninteldo’s powerful emperor, Marcus (Mario).

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Oct 18, 2012

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Medaka Box Abnormal

Woohoo, Medaka Box is back! The first season was very amusing and pretty interesting. And I must say that this season has a darn good start. It came as no surprise to me that Shiranui’s grandfather, the school’s principle, turned out to be such an evil man. It’s not entirely certain that he’s evil, but no good guy has eyes like that.

The artwork is still the same as ever, good! The characters were part of the reason why I love this show. Pick any character from Medaka Box, any one. I’m pretty confident that I would be able to pick that character out of a line-up. It’s simply that good.

I can’t say much about the story yet. It sounds pretty interesting, although Medaka-chan doesn’t strike me as the type that would hurt people to gain a higher position. I guess that’s why she declined the principle’s offer to become part of those thirteen “abnormal” students, also known as class thirteen.

Anyway, long story short; yes. I recommend Medaka Box’s season two to everyone. Be sure to have seen the first season before starting this one, otherwise you won’t understand a thing of what’s going on here.

Plot Summary: What started as a simple assistance program has escalated insanely out of control, and now Medaka Kurokami finds herself exposed as something far more than human. But that’s only the beginning of a new series of shocking revelations that lead towards a dark secret plan that not even the unbelievable power of her War God Mode may be able to withstand. Still, Medaka’s proving to be good at thinking outside of the box, and if she needs the full backing of every hidden resource of the Student Council to meet the challenge, then that’s what she’s going to get. Even the Abnormal ones!

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Oct 17, 2012

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Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter

Now this was very impressive. To think that one show could disappoint me this much. Seriously, did the creator(s) even try? The anime’s image seemed serious and filled with action, especially if you saw the pre-released content. I thought that I was watching an entirely different show, and that the subgroup had made a small mistake with the filename, but no…

The artwork is not biggest problem here. The characters actually look pretty good, the background is detailed and the cars look good too. So yeah, quality is not the problem here. It’s the character expressions that suck. It’s all so childish and dramatic that it makes me want to gauge my eyes out. It makes Pokémon look like an adult’s cartoon.

The story isn’t that impressive either. It’s not that interesting and certainly not original. Let’s face it; cars transforming into robots is absolutely nothing new. A young boy that comes in contact with one of those cars is nothing new. We’ve had something like this for years now, it’s called Transformers.

I most definitely don’t recommend this. It’s childish, uninteresting and not all that original. I can’t see myself watching this with a smile on my face, so how could I possibly recommend this? Better luck next time.

Plot Summary: In 21st century Japan, cars with artificial intelligence for increased safety, known as “A.I. cars,” have revolutionized the car industry. Special schools teaching children driving A.I. cars have been established. One day, Kakeru Todoroki, a fifth grader of Arcadia Academy, was summoned by the school principal and given an A.I. car “to save the humanity by chosen drivers like you.” The car, however, is not just a car but also a transforming robot known as “Gyrozetter.”

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Oct 16, 2012

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Well, this was certainly a lot better than I had expected. I was under the impression that it was yet another childish anime, but no… It turned out differently from what I had imagined after reading the summary. I’m rather glad, because this is just the type of anime that I like to follow.

The artwork is very interesting. The characters, the scenery and even those robots look pretty darn good. Truthfully, there’s very little that I would change about the artwork. I’ve seen several reviews about this show already, but I agreed with very little of them. People were way too judgemental about the artwork.

I’m afraid I can’t say much about the story. The first episode was pretty clear, don’t get me wrong, but there’s not enough information for me to give a proper opinion. The idea in general is very interesting and original, so no problem there.

I have no idea whether I should or shouldn’t recommend this. I wasn’t really waiting for this after I first read the summary, but it turned out a lot better than I expected. Hmm… Fine! I do recommend this. It blew away my (low) expectations and it turned out to be very interesting.

Plot Summary: 2019, Divergence Ratio 1.048596. The near future, where a device popularly called the PokeCom, packaged with PhoneDroid OS, spreads, bringing the Augmented Reality world close to existence.

Chuuoutanegashima High School’s Robot Research Club is in danger of losing its club status. Kaito Yashio, one of only two members, is only obsessed with robot fighting games, showing no interest in the Robo Club even in this situation. The reckless, useless club head, Akiho Senomiya, aims to complete a giant robot, struggling hard to avoid losing the club’s status.

Then, one day, Kaito discovers the A.R. annotation that becomes the Kimishima Report. Written in that report is the indictment of someone named Kou Kimishima’s conspiracy involving the world.

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Oct 15, 2012

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Very nice! I suppose this is this season’s Zetman, huh? I love dark anime. There are a few changes I would have made, but I’ll get back to that later. For now, I just want to follow this anime. Also, watching this somehow reminded me of Judge Dredd.

The artwork is very good. The scenery looks amazing, the characters all look great and the weapons are top-notch. I would’ve made very little changes in the artwork. The only thing I would’ve changed was Akane’s persona. She’s a bit too passive. I think it would’ve been a bit better if she were a bit more arrogant.

There’s not much I can say about the story. It’s complicated at times, interesting and very dark. You could definitely squeeze out quite a lot of episodes with this type of story, that’s for sure. Just as long as things don’t get too predictable, because that’s unacceptable in stories like these.

Both the artwork and story are great, so how could I not recommend this? Action and sci-fi lovers must be ecstatic over this one. I definitely recommend this. Just keep in mind that this is not suitable for children of people with a ‘weak’ heart (also known as “pussies”).

Plot Summary: The series takes place in the near future, when it is possible to instantaneously measure and quantify a person’s state of mind and personality. This information is recorded and processed, and the term “Psycho-Pass” refers to a standard used to measure an individual’s being. The story centers around the “enforcement officer” Shinya Kougami, who is tasked with managing crime in such a world.

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Oct 14, 2012

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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Now this is interesting! Oh yeah, I could totally see myself writing about this. Artwork lured me in and the story chained me down. That’s how an anime should be! It’s really too bad that there aren’t more of these types of stories.

The artwork is simply great. I love the detailed backgrounds and characters. It has a slight hint of naughtiness, but there’s nothing wrong with that! It doesn’t surprise me at all that there’s going to be twenty-four episodes of this.

To make a long story short; I like the idea of having the protagonist take of a not so bright, yet very talented heroine.  She’s absolutely adorable. She doesn’t seem to realize that she should be a lot more wary of the guys around her, which is probably why she didn’t mind when Sorata saw her naked. This girl truly lacks common sense.

Anyway, I definitely recommend this to all comedy and romance fans. Hell, even if you’re not a comedy or romance fan, just give the first episode a chance. I’m sure you’ll like it. This anime practically forces you to like it.

Plot Summary: The school romantic comedy revolves around a second-year high school student named Sorata Kanda who lives in Sakurasou, the dormitory for problem children at Sorata’s school. One day, Mashiro Shiina – a cute girl who happens to be also a cosmopolitan, brilliant artist – moves into Sakurasou.
Sorata thinks to himself that he should protect Mashiro from the weirdos at Sakurasou, but Mashiro has a surprising secret: she has no idea how to take care of herself. She gets lost if she goes out, and her room is a complete mess. Sorata’s dorm mates designate him as the “master” of Mashiro, and thus, an ordinary boy and a brilliant girl must live like “a master and his pet.”

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Oct 14, 2012

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I want to cry. I seriously want to cry right now. I read the plot and I already saw some content, so why did I force myself to actually watch the first episode? I’m a little bit disappointed in myself. I’m proud I actually managed to watch nine minutes of it though. I just had to force close my media player after I hit the nine minute mark.

The artwork isn’t that impressive at all. I’ve seen several pictures, but they look a lot better than the actual thing. The characters look normal, but they screw up with a lot of other things. Like with that concert scene; Mitsuki, the Idol in question, looked like a 3D monstrosity from hell.

The only good thing about this anime is the story, and even that’s not that great. It’s not original, exciting or even interesting. I don’t see how you could possibly lure guys with this kind of show.

Sorry, but I definitely don’t recommend this. It’s a waste of time to watch this. I suppose girls would probably like this kind of thing, but I don’t see any heterosexual guy watch this stuff out of free will, unless he’s delusional or a paedophile.

Plot Summary: Ichigo Hoshimiya is a regular, ordinary middle school girl. But when her best friend Aoi invites her to join the idol training academy, Starlight Academy, her whole world is turned upside down. As she encounters all kinds of rivals and learns what it takes to be an idol, she uses her Aikatsu Cards to challenge countless auditions.

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Oct 13, 2012

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People from the Japan, listen closely; do you know the author of this horrible, horrible piece of crap work? If so, it is your job as an anime fan to buy a basketball bat, move your ass over to that author’s place of work and use that bat to beat some sense into him/her. I won’t even look the author up. Right now, I just want to pretend I never even saw this stuff. I’m just happy it’s an anime short.

The artwork… Wait, am I even allowed to call it that? It was horrible. It’s a complete eyesore. If I wasn’t such a pussy, I would’ve gauged out my eyes, fried them and fed them to the neighbour’s dog. Unfortunately, I still need them every day to watch a few gigabytes worth of porn.

Don’t even get me started about the story. Not because it’s bad or anything. I just don’t know what the hell it’s about. Not a clue. I was too busy being shocked by the poor artwork. Besides, it’s kind of hard to build up a proper story with only a few minutes per episode.

No, no, no and hell no. Don’t even think about watching this. It may only be a few minutes per episode, but it’s not worth your time. Don’t waste it. A human’s lifespan is far too short to watch this stuff.

Plot Summary: Slice-of-life story about a group of four girls on the school tennis team. They rarely play tennis.

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