Apr 7, 2012

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Anime adaption of all NisiOisin’s novels green-lit

Anime adaption of all NisiOisin’s novels green-lit

A supplemental extra to the mailed Nisio Tsūshin newsletter is reporting that production on the anime adaptation of NisiOisin’s entire Monogatari novel series has been “officially” green-lit.

The first “NisiOisin Anime Project” works are the Bakemonogatari series, the Katanagatari series (whish is separate from the Monogatari series), the recent Nisemonogatari series, and the upcoming Kizumonogatari film. Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari director Akiyuki Shinbo had already expressed his desire to animate all of the Monogatari novel in an interview published in January. Shinbo noted with a laugh in another interview that the commemorative 10th work will be a new, original script by NisiOisin, as opposed to an adaptation of an existing novel.

Source: Otakomu

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