Feb 21, 2015

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Anime de Wakaru Shinryounaika

I don’t think there are enough words in the English dictionary that will allow me to explain how badly I feel about this anime short. It’s tasteless and wrong in every single sense of that word. What a huge shock to the system.

Anime de Wakaru ShinryounaikaThe artwork is just annoying, but that’s to be expected from most anime shorts.

No, the story is what makes me dislike this nonsense completely. They are basically joking around about mental illnesses. It would’ve been fine if it was done in a learning capacity, but it’s just not. It’s dreadful and quite frankly it’s very insulting to those that have mental illnesses or have suffered from one (or more).

I cannot recommend this. It’s wrong and a little immoral. I definitely won’t watch any more than I already have to see if it’s changed.

Plot Summary: The psychologist Ryou and his cheerful nurse Asuna explain many aspects of mental illness to the reader. They cover topics such as the validity, prevalence, and origins of mental disorders, in addition to addressing specific disorders. The information is imparted in a cheerful and comic manner, with various jokes, puns, and pop culture references.

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