Jul 1, 2012

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Acchi Kocchi episode 12

My god, even Acchi Kocchi has a strange ending. I really want to know what’s going on in Japan right now. You start watching the episode and you get hopeful, really. You wonder if Io and Tsumiki will finally end up together or if things will just continue in the usual pointless direction.

The episode started out with the girls’ preparation for Valentine’s Day. We all know that not so magical day where blind love takes over and a guy’s wallet suddenly becomes as thin as paper. Yes, that day. You start watching Acchi Kocchi, knowing that Valentine’s Day is at hand, and you immediately think that it’s finally going to happen between Io and Tsumiki-chan. How dreadfully wrong I was. What in the hell was I thinking? Of course they won’t end up together. Acchi Kocchi is focussed on comedy, cheap comedy. I must’ve been drunk when thinking that something might actually happen between those characters.

Still, the entire episode revolved around giving each other sweets. That’s it. Sure, there were some minor complications, but it was basically yet another one of those directionless episodes. I knew that the story was practically non-existent, but come on…  At least give us a proper ending. They focussed more on comedy and the ‘aww’-factor than on a proper storyline, obviously.

To think that they would end the anime by making Io pat Tsumiki on the head as though she were a cat, how silly. The cuteness and comedy was there, I’ll give them that much, but the story leaves me a little bit confused and unsatisfied. Shame too, because I really enjoyed watching Acchi Kocchi from time to time.

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Jun 24, 2012

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Acchi Kocchi episode 11

Here we go again with yet another late episode of Acchi Kocchi. Seriously, the groups behind the fansubs are losing interest in this anime. That’s really a shame, because I don’t think that this anime is half bad. I do enjoy watching this at some point, so it’s a shame that we have to wait an extra day for it to be subbed. Oh well…

I know that Acchi Kocchi is about to end, but how will they finish this? This started out as one big comedy and by the looks of it it’s probably going to end that way as well. I don’t see a ‘route’ for a good, romantic ending. I suppose that romance is a bit too much to ask for when we’re talking about Acchi Kocchi, huh? One-sided love is the only form of love we can expect from Acchi Kocchi.

I did like the first part where the characters were celebrating their first moments of the New Year. I laughed, I cheered (a little) and I became hopefully when Tsumiki started making a tiny bit of progress with Io, but no… She ended up alone again. I especially liked that Mochi scene. Mochi is something I’ve always wanted to try, but it’s not something that I can make here, seeing as I don’t have the necessary ingredients or tools at my disposal.

I’m a little bit curious as to how this will end. The characters have started going to school again, so I’m pretty sure that their classmates and teacher will be somehow involved too. Mind you, I’m not expecting a lot. I just want a proper ending where I can say goodbye to Acchi Kocchi with a big smile on my face. I don’t think that that’s too much to ask, is it?

I would like to end this post by addressing a certain someone. I received a certain e-mail from someone asking me why I like Mayoi the best. Well; she is the one that makes me laugh the most. She is a funny, cute looking and interesting character. Let’s take the scene where she got an arrow in her air as an example. That was funny as hell, especially when the other characters started making wordplay jokes involving her name. This character offers a limitless supply of entertainment. That and that alone is why she is my favourite.

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Jun 10, 2012

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Acchi Kocchi episode 10

This week’s episode was late again, but at least it turned out to be a lot more amusing than expected. No competitions, no silly and dry jokes, just plain old Acchi Kocchi. That’s the way it should be. Also, the first half was pretty funny this time, a lot funnier than the second half.

The first half revolved around Mayoi’s plan to scare the living daylights out of all her friends. She got this strange bear costume in order to accomplish that, but some of her friends (Io and Tsumiki) weren’t convinced. I’m not surprised. It was in the middle of a snowy winter and Mayoi appears in a brown bear costume, an animal that normally hibernates during that time of season. Mayoi-chan did not think that through, the silly girl. I was surprised (not really) that Hime-chan, Sakai and their teacher all ran away from Mayoi and her bear costume. Remember people; only in Japan.

The second half was a little less exciting I’m afraid. Chrismas had arrived and they were all working, trying to sell cakes and whatnot. That’s fine, really fine. You can’t organise ridiculous competitions when you are supposed to be working, so I was pretty relieved. There were a few hilarious scenes, but I’m amazed by Io’s thick headedness. He just never seizes to amaze on that front. Tsumiki-chan makes it so obvious, yet he does not acknowledge her feelings for him. What is she supposed to do? Hire one of those pilots to fly one of those banners in the sky? My god…

You know, there are times when Acchi Kocchi can get pretty frustrating. The characters are playing silly games, doing ridiculous competitions and Io’s inability to comprehend other people’s feelings is the worst of it all. Tsumiki tries so hard, but no… He just doesn’t realize it. I’m amazed Tsumiki-chan keeps going at it, seeing as your average girl would’ve given up already. I wish I could say I was really excited about the next episode, as the chances of Io changing are slim to none, but we’ll see…

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Jun 3, 2012

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Acchi Kocchi episode 09

Pretty amusing episode this was. It turned out to be yet another one of those rare episodes where the characters didn’t compete amongst themselves, even though they were doing yet another festival of sorts. Seriously, just how many festivals does Japan have? Not that I’m jealous or anything, because going to school in Japan is actually very hard work.

So yeah, this episode revolved around part A; the preparation for the school festival, and part B; the actual festival. It was pretty cute to see Tsumiki in that cat costume, even though she’s practically a cat herself. Then again, the entire first half was just a funny parade of mistakes, jokes and accidents. That’s just Acchi Kocchi, you don’t get much else. I suppose Acchi Kocchi may not be that type of anime, but I would really like to see a little bit more romance every now and then. Let’s face it; there have been plenty of opportunities for great romantic scenes, like when Io was sleeping and Tsumiki wanted to kiss him.

The second half was a little different. Different girls approached Io and his crepe stand and seemed to be getting a lot quite nicely with him. That kind of upset the jealous Tsumiki a little bit. It was pretty obvious that she doesn’t like it when other, unknown girls get too close to Io. But damn, watching him make those crepes made me pretty hungry. I usually never get hungry when watching anime characters cook or eat, but those things looked pretty darn good.

Anyway, Acchi Kocchi is coming to an end, and frankly; I have yet to see an actual story. This has just been one endless parade of gag-like comedy with a few (although short) romantic scenes. I would like, even if it’s just ones, to see something happen between Tsumiki. A kiss on the cheek is fine. Come on… Throw the girl a bone already. She’s been after Io since the anime started.`

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May 27, 2012

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Acchi Kocchi episode 08

I think I jinxed the show. I never should’ve said anything about the characters and their competitions. Last week’s episode was great, but this week’s episode was just fine. I know that they were being competitive again, I know, but it was pretty amusing this time.

The episode started out with the girls’ study group. How could that possibly go wrong? Three idiotic girls that love to tease each other, yeah… That never goes wrong. It came as no surprise that the three headed out to meet up with Io, after all; the entre anime revolves around Io and Tsumiki. There hasn’t been a single episode were those two weren’t together.

Anyway, the three stooges arrived at Io’s place alright, but one two of them actually got to play with him (don’t start thinking about perverted things now), seeing as Mayoi-chan hadn’t finished her homework. Seriously, that girl has the attention span of a hummingbird. Where have I heard that before, I wonder…?

The second half was when all the competitions started. What a surprise, huh? I knew it the second they said that there was a festival coming up. Mind you, these competitions were actually funny, especially that scoop-a-fish-game when the fish all jumped inside of Io’s cup, including all the fish that Sakaki had caught. Sakaki’s reaction to that was absolutely priceless. See? I don’t mind watching that kind thing. I could look at that all day.

I know what I said about the characters and their messed up competitions, but it’s not the competitions that mess up the anime. It’s the strange comedy during those competitions that mess up the story. Last week’s episode was a lot of fun, this episode was fun, so I actually have high hopes for next week’s episode.

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May 20, 2012

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Acchi Kocchi episode 07

Now this was quite unexpected. The comedy in Acchi Kocchi has been slowly declining, but this episode may have set that right again. I laughed a lot again during this episode. The weird thing is; not much has changed. It was also very nice to see that the characters weren’t competing with each other for once.

I’m a little bit surprised to say it, but the entire episode was good, even part A. The episode revolved around their trip and how they got there. They were planning to go by train, but things got complicated when Tsumiki-chan, because she was looking for Hime-chan, arrived too late and was forced to wait for the next train. That’s when Io jumped out of the window because he wouldn’t let a girl wait alone like that.

My god, now that’s what I can a perfect change. Let’s us just say that those two are alone together for at least one hour. Wouldn’t that be more than enough for them to work on their current relationship? That was what one might refer to as a “golden opportunity”. I can tell from experience that those don’t appear that often.

Those two soon met up with the rest of the group, and I was kind of disappointed to see that not much had changed. Tsumiki-chan was probably too nervous to do or say anything to the guy. But that’s alright; she had a lot of chances. Like when Io fell asleep and she rested his head on her lap. Tsumiki-chan must’ve been in seventh heaven during that time. Sigh, she wouldn’t have had to go through all that trouble if Io was aware of those around him. It’s not exactly as though Tsumiki has been hiding the fact that she has feeling for him, so what’s up with him? She has been dropping hint after hint.

Oh well, their day soon came to an end, and in Japan that only means that you have to go outside and play with fireworks, right? I learned something new today; you don’t just light the fuse in Japan. You make sure that your friend(s) gets hit by each and every bottle rocket you fire, even when he can barely stand. Good ‘ol Japan, never a dull (or normal) moment.

I won’t dance around the fact that I enjoyed this week’s episode quite a bit. Things weren’t as complicated or boring. This episode was simple, clear and funny. That’s how I would like to see every episode. No reason to overcomplicate things, because that just sucks out all of the comedy, and I don’t think that the viewers would appreciate that. Either way; I’m staying put. I have confidence again in Acchi Kocchi, so I’ll be sure to watch next week’s episode with great interest.

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May 14, 2012

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Acchi Kocchi episode 06

I think I understand why Acchi Kocchi arrived a day late this week. I seriously think that a lot of people are starting to lose interest in it, and make other projects a higher priority. I can’t completely disagree either. The comedy in Acchi Kocchi is really declining. All that really remains is the cuteness.

Let’s use the first half as an example; what was that? Childish wordplays with each other’s names, accidently kick each other and the constant need to compete with one another. It’s just not funny anymore. Yes, it was a lot of fun during the first few episodes, but it gets boring after a while. The only thing worth writing about was when Mayoi ripped Tsumiki’s shirt open to show Io her undergarment, causing Io to blush, which (apparently) is something that rarely happens. Now that was pretty funny. Do you know why? Because it was unexpected and new! I don’t think anyone would complain if we saw more of those scenes (new and unexpected scenes, not scenes where clothes get ripped off).

At least the second half was pretty fun to watch. I was expecting to see a lot of romantic stuff after Tsumiki and Io were alone in his room, but no… Hime and Mayoi soon joined them, which didn’t leave much room for romance. Poor Tsumiki-chan just can’t catch a break. The fact that Io can’t even realize that Tsumiki-chan has feelings for him only makes things harder on her. There’s only so much a girl can do to win a guy over.

It was nice change of pace. I was nice to see that they weren’t trying to make things into a contest.  Mind you, I’m not saying that a study group is that amusing, but hey… it’s something. It beats the hell out of those childish wordplay jokes. Which brings me to the following; has Tsumiki finally made a little bit of progress? Those two walked him together under the same umbrella. Sure, he mistook her actions once again in the end, but surely he must’ve realized by now? I refuse to believe that Io is that stupid.

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May 6, 2012

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Acchi Kocchi episode 05

Darn. Acchi Kocchi arrived very late this week, resulting in me having to watch it a day later, and thus finishing this post a day later. Perhaps that’s a good thing. I wasn’t really in a writing mood anymore after having seen this week’s episode of Fate/Zero. I will have you all know that this episode has cheered me right up!

And so we enter the world of Acchi Kocchi. It’s a world where one-sided romances, ridiculous contests and pranks rule everything. This week was no exception. We watched as that group of hilarious idiots faced each other in the weirdest volleyball match ever. But we all know that a contest has both losers and winners, and the losers would have to go to the school’s cantina, obtain “hard-to-get” food, and return to the winners. Interesting, they just had their physicals the same day, and most of the girls were worried about their weight, but still they wanted more food… That must definitely be a girl thing.

The other half wasn’t any different. What looked like a fun day at the park, soon turned into another contest. Who knew that a Frisbee could be that dangerous? Still, it didn’t revolve around a contest this time. Io attracted a sh*tload of cats whilst there. And those cats just wouldn’t leave his side. That’s when everyone started to get jealous of both Io and the cats (can you guess which of ones were jealous of those cats?).

It was pretty hilarious to watch as Io threw a Frisbee so that that cat could catch and return it. It actually made me think a little. I have never seen a cat do those kinds of tricks. Sure, with dogs I’ve seen it countless of times, but not cats. I know, I think about strange stuff.

It goes without saying that I once again enjoyed this week’s episode. It’s amazing how simple stuff can amuse people. Those nosebleed-scenes alone are enough to put a smile on my face, and this must be the only anime where the characters get several nosebleeds during basically every episode. Also, I have chosen my favourite character, and no it’s not Tsumiki. Most people have picked Tsumiki because she looks so adorable. Like hell I would do that. I pick my favourite based on many things, and I’ve picked Mayoi. She is (in my humble opinion) the funniest. Plus her haircut is simply the best.

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