Mar 31, 2012

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Amagami SS+ Plus episode 13

Okay, so I just got round to watching the final episode. There are a lot of things I could say, but I’ve decided to keep this post short and simple. Let’s start out with; what the hell? How could anyone possibly acknowledge this as a final episode?

The entire episode revolved around all of the girls and their trip to the hot springs. There was this whole issue about body weight and breast sizes. I could not believe what I was seeing. I was hoping that this episode would turn out to be a romantic brother-sister forbidden love episode, but no… It was awful. I didn’t enjoy it at all, not even when all the girls got naked. I cannot see the point of this episode being the final one. Hell, I feel a little bit betrayed by it. I was a little bit surprised when I realized that there would be a thirteenth episode, and for some reason I actually got my hopes up, but this was just a blow below the belt, unacceptable.

Sigh, the worst of it all is that people didn’t actually seem to mind. I have been getting a few positive responses (although most of them are negative) about how amusing this episode was. Really? Please show me the amusing bits then. It was just a gathering of girls were the flat-chested got jealous of the others, that’s it. How could you possibly end it like this? I honestly don’t see it. My overall opinion of this show is pretty good, but this episode really had a negative impact on me. I would suggest that everyone just watches the first twelve episodes only, but not the thirteenth.

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Mar 24, 2012

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Amagami SS+ Plus episode 12

Not bad, not bad at all. I expected a slightly different ending, but it turned out to be a bit better than I expected, unlike the High School DxD ending. I liked that they resumed the Haruka arc in the first place, but to finally see a genuine ending is absolutely great. I think that my questions have pretty much been answered by this episode, thank you!

The episode started out pretty average and normal. Those two, Haruka and Junichi, spent the day together at Junichi’s house, where they could be alone together. What did they decide to do with such a rare opportunity? Resume their roleplaying game of course, what else? Haruka loves the thought of getting married, so why not just play a scenario in which you are married to each other, right? Practice makes perfect.

Junichi was constantly worried about the unknown. Does she want me to say anything? Does she want me to offer her mandarins? Does she want me to peek during her bath (wtf)? Junichi was very nervous throughout the whole thing. I can’t blame him, can you? He’s alone in the house with the girl of his dreams, plus she’s staying the night. I would be freakin’ ecstatic.

The setting was absolutely perfect! It was time for bed, they slept in the same room and they were both still awake. I though; “this is it baby, this is it”.  Boy was I wrong. I have no idea why, but Haruka decided to use that very moment to tell Junichi that she’s going to England after her graduation. I did not see that coming, especially not during such a scene. I’m pretty sure that Junichi didn’t close his eyes after that for the rest of the night.

Time was limited and Junichi needed every second to find a way to stop this from happening. He tried to squeeze out some information from Haruka’s niece, but she didn’t tell him anything, she had already given him many clues. That’s when Junichi pulled some strings, so that he could fill in for the student president and give the farewell speech to all graduates during the graduation ceremony. He used this opportunity, just like Haruka’s niece hinted him to do, to confess and propose to Haruka-chan.

Say whatever the hell you want, but that requires balls of steel. I loved how they showed us the after-scenes. Junichi looked nervous, even as a bridegroom, but Haruka never looked prettier. It’s too bad that they didn’t show an eight years later scene, just like in the Sae arc, which was the only thing I actually really liked about that arc, but I suppose we can’t have it all. I really enjoyed this show and I recommend it to all romance fans, but watch Amagami SS first (if you haven’t seen it yet)!  I’m rather curious about the final episode; I wonder what they have in store for us…

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Mar 17, 2012

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Amagami SS+ Plus episode 11

I was very nervous when watching this episode, but very relieved when I finished it. Now this is a proper arc, unlike the previous one. No one was telling us a story, showing us plain every-day scenes and I’m sure that the ending will be better as well. I’m once again looking forward to the next episode!

Starting this week, as to be expected, we will see a lot more of Haruka, this arc’s beauty. Now Haruka, unlike Sae, is picky, a tiny bit insensitive and very eccentric. She does have a bit of a shy-streak, but that’s nothing compared to Sae. I rather think she’s quite the playful girl when it comes to Junichi. I can’t wait to see the rest, I have a feeling that a great and romantic end is awaiting is.

However, there’s one thing that worries me. I definitely think that the ending will be romantic, but I fear that it has become a little bit predictable. We all know that Haruka wants to get married in the (near) future, especially since her cousin got proposed to by her boyfriend after her graduation ceremony. I really hope that Junichi won’t mimic that situation, because that would be very disappointing.

Sure, there were other things that I like and disliked, take Haruka’s cousin… Why does she look exactly like Haruka? It’s rare to be identical between siblings, let alone cousins. It just seems a little bit lazy to me, that’s all. It’s like they didn’t want to create a whole new character, so they created a second Haruka with blonde hair. It’s kind of shameless when you think about it, but alright, let us all just go with the flow.

There is one major thing that I did like though, and that’s the story. It’s a continuation of season one’s Haruka arc. I love it! I would’ve loved to see several more continuations, so that’s why I’m ecstatic about this one. Besides, season one’s Haruka arc left some questions uncovered, so it’s rather nice to see that they are trying to cover them during this arc. I just hope that it won’t stir up some of the fans, as I have seen some of them on several forums, my god…

Anyway, I liked this week’s episode. I just hope that I’m wrong about the ending. I’m pretty sure that an ending like that would cause a big fuss amongst the fans. Hell, whatever happens, happens, period. What I want to see now is that Junichi man’s up. He has moments where he suddenly has these bursts of manliness, like when he wants to kiss her leg (what can I say, the dude has got issues), but he will need it in order to confront Haruka-chan. I’m pretty sure that he knows what she wants by now, seeing as they’ve been doing this silly marriage acting game. Go for it, bro!

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Mar 10, 2012

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Amagami SS+ Plus episode 10

Sigh, here we go again. I watched this episode all the way and I still didn’t like it. I hate being told a story all the time. I just want to watch this episode, thinking that there could be romance and comedy waiting around each and every corner. I set here with a disappointed expression on my face, watching how this arc finally ended.

The entire episode revolved around Sae-chan and her campaign for student president. The idea could prove to be very promising, but it wasn’t romantic at all. Hell, the Tsukasa arc, an arc that involved a campaign for student president as well, was a lot better. There wasn’t any need for explanation either. That arc had all it needed. It’s a shame, really, because this arc could have been something great.

One of the things that caught my attention was that Sae-chan was constantly being that same old shy girl and Junichi the same old shy boy. The characters didn’t improve at all during this arc, unlike with all the previous arcs.

The arc’s ending wasn’t all that romantic either. A first kiss should be spontaneous and romantic, not something that one asks for. That’s what hurt the most, their first kiss. I still cannot believe that it happened like that, in that location and in that way. I am truly disappointed in the Sae arc.

However! I absolutely loved the eight years later scene. No arc has ever had such a thing, so I absolutely loved that. In fact; it’s something that I would recommend for all the arcs to come. Their first child was absolutely adorable. The only thing that caught my eye is that Sae-chan still looked as shy as ever, despite being a mother already. I just hope that the next and final arc will be different. I have high hopes for the next one, so I’m rather curious and nervous about next week’s episode.

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Mar 3, 2012

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Amagami SS+ Plus episode 09

Here we go again with Amagami SS Plus. I have no idea what’s wrong with this week’s episode, it just doesn’t feel right. I had a feeling that Sae-chan would be next. I didn’t actually enjoy it as much as I thought I would though. It felt like they were telling us a story more than showing us a romantic love story. Why the hell did they narrate this episode? It just doesn’t seem right.

Anyway, this arc is all about Sae-chan, a very shy girl due to having studied at an all-girl’s school. Her shyness is what makes things a bit difficult for Junichi, a boy who can be very shy himself. Still, even he can be pushy when he wants to. He already saw them as a couple and that much became clear when he tried to make the decisions for her (food, drinks, etc.).  He wanted to prove to the people around him that he was indeed “worthy” of being her boyfriend. Funny, he thinks that being worthy means that he has to make her decisions for her. Probably because those that type of relationship is meant to last… [Insert sarcastic remark here].

I also noticed that Miya-chan, Junichi’s younger sister, gets involved during each and every arc. Why? That was never the case during season one. I like that character, but not as interference during each and every arc, that just seems like overdoing it. Fine, so she may introduce an element or comedy, so what? That’s no excuse to use that character for the same reason during all the arcs.

It was Miya’s fault that Junichi got the wrong idea about Sae’s activities. Miya misheard Sae and thought that she was away for a marriage interview and whatnot. Junichi, thinking he was her boyfriend, went nuts and decided to go and see her. He brought along a tape, thinking it might come in handy when trying to change her mind. He didn’t want her to marry someone else. Things became a little uncomfortable when it turned out that Sae was only there so that her puppy could play with someone else’s puppy.

Strange how things work out, huh? One minute he’s all agitated about what his little sister told him, the other he’s in heaven because of what Sae told him; that she wished that she would spend the rest of her live with him. That’s pretty sweet, not to mention brave when you consider her shyness. That’s a pretty corny way to start a relationship.

That was pretty much my opinion about this week’s episode. I really don’t like the way they’ve done this episode. I don’t want to be told some kind of cock and bull story. I just want to watch something good, something romantic and funny. Amagami SS Plus is usually guaranteed to offer that, but this week that was hardly the case. What a shame…

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Feb 25, 2012

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Amagami SS+ Plus episode 08

… What the hell? They had a really good thing going, but what’s up with this ending? They set up a good start with that whole bus tour thing, but how in the hell did it end like this? I just don’t get it, I really don’t. To answer your question; yes, yes I’m very disappointed.

The episode started out just fine; the two of them managed to get a lift by a very nice truck driver, who promised to drop them off at the local inn. So we have two teenagers alone in an inn with no adult supervision. Doesn’t that just sound great? It got even better when it turned out that they’re the only costumers at the inn, meaning that there was no one around to disturb hem. Things looked even more promising when they ended up in the same hot spring together. Hell, they each managed to take a free peek. Doesn’t this seem like the perfect setup?

Yes, yes it does seem like the perfect setup. Now then; explain to me why Junichi ended up falling asleep before she even opened up her mouth? How in the hell does that even happen? I understand the troubles of being tired, but that is just not an issue when you’re alone together with a beautiful girl, who loves you just as much as you love her. Why? Seriously, why? They had a great meal and a great bath, so why did the night end like that? They were a few inches apart from each other, come on… Be a man; confess to her, kiss her and what happens next… well…

Unfortunately that was not the case. Junichi fell asleep and Kaoru couldn’t be bothered to wake him up. Their arguing only got worse the very next day, as soon as Junichi realized that he left his coin purse in that phone booth during last week’s episode. They were arguing like there was no tomorrow, so naturally I started to lose hope.

Sigh… I still don’t get it, but they spent the rest of their day on the beach, thinking about their next move, when they suddenly decided to make up. I couldn’t believe it. They argued throughout the whole episode, but within just a minute or two they managed to make up big time. By that I mean; Junichi took a little bit initiative by pulling Kaoru on top of him so they could kiss and make up.

Okay, this is definitely not my favourite arc in Amagami SS Plus, that’s for sure. I cannot believe what they did to me. I feel like I got a dozen kicks in the family jewels. My enthusiasm for Amagami SS Plus has considerably dropped.

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Feb 18, 2012

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Amagami SS+ Plus episode 07

Yattaaa~! My patience has been rewarded! We finally get to see Kaoru in the spotlight. I know it’s too soon to say, but I think that she is once again my favourite. It must be that personality of hers, or something…? Either way; the first episode was great, and now I’m dying to see the second one! Hurry up with Amagami SS Plus next week, please!

The episode starts out great. Kaoru showed up when Junichi was doing some drawing assignment for school. However, Junichi sucks at drawing, so he decided to ask Kaoru for help, seeing as she’s pretty good at it. She could’ve sat anywhere, but she decided sit on the same chair as him, making things a little bit uncomfortable for him. She was shaking, bouncing and wiggling like crazy as she drew, giving Junichi the time of his life. She was about to finish when it looked like he was about to have an orgasm. That was absolutely hilarious. Imagine looking at that expression when you’re flat on your back with your legs in the air, ladies. Nightmare fuel, eh?

Still, Kaoru didn’t notice it. She’s very easy going, unpredictable and unaware of obvious things. For example; she was being very intimate with Junichi, but she didn’t notice at all that people saw them as a couple. She only noticed when it was pointed out to her, and that’s when she became a little bit uncomfortable herself. Still, it’s thanks to that personality that we all get to enjoy the show so much, right?

I really liked the first part because it was so good, so familiar and so hilarious. First they got a part-time job working as entertaining for children (and adult perverts), then they ended spending some of that money on a bus tour, and they didn’t even finish the tour, yet! They were too late during their brake, so the driver took off when he saw a bulge in their spot. Come on… does it get any more creative than that? I hope to find out during next week’s episode.

Also, I’m getting a slight flashback from the first season. Those two spent the night together (normally) out of necessity, so… déjávu? I’m satisfied either way, as I’m sure that the best is yet to come. I doubt that the driver would notice and turn the bus around, so it’s my guess that they’ll find a cheap motel, or some other place to spend the night (together). That’ll be the time when their love will be, erm… I’m going to go with ‘reawakened’, seeing as they’ve dated before.

And that’s why Kaoru is my favourite! She’s the unpredictable one. You’re almost guaranteed to have a great time while watching episodes with her in it. It would’ve been ever better if they made that character a little more aggressive, you know? Don’t let her be too shy, allow her to make the first move.

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Feb 11, 2012

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Amagami SS+ Plus episode 06

Time flew by once again. Either that or the people behind the fansubs are getting a lot faster with their projects. I opened up my browser and saw four episodes lined up for me to watch, that’s too much, even for me. I really do think it’s too bad that there’s no permanent schedule for these things, because that would make things a whole lot easier.

Anyway, Amagami SS Plus continues with Ai-chan doing her best at the school’s Christmas festival. She seemed fine, but things when south as soon as she took a break. She kept thinking about Junichi and his exam-camp. What a way to ruin your own Christmas Eve, thinking about some guy that stupidly messed up his exams. Junichi better be worth it, or he’ll have hell to pay!

Meanwhile Junichi actually tried his best at that strange camp of his. I really, really hope that those camps are just fictional, as I can’t imagine people actually attending those things on Christmas Eve with such strict teachers guarding the place. Still, Junichi “escaped” the camp as soon as he finished his work for the day. The kid wanted to be with his girlfriend on Christmas Eve, can you blame the guy? What’s worse is that those teachers of his actually came looking for him.

He didn’t have to look very far, he found Ai as she was standing outside a shop looking at the toy that she was given the year before. That’s where they took their relationship a little bit higher. The bought one another presents, did a sorts of fun stuff, and encountered several familiar faces. But it was not about other people, it was about them and them alone. They decided to go to a quiet place where they could “talk” things over.

Hehe, saddest thing is that with Junichi it really was just a “talk”. It would mean something else entirely with your average guy. I mean, come on… it’s Christmas Eve, they’ve been going out for some time, he blew his important camp to be with her, so just make the move already!  But no, not Junichi, he plays everything slowly.

It was a pretty good episode, I for one enjoyed it. A lot of comedy, romance and it was a pretty nice ending. I wonder which one is next… come on Kaoru! In season one she was my favourite, so don’t ruin her for me! But hell, with my luck she’ll probably be last. I’ll laugh if that actually happens, I really will.

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