Mar 27, 2012

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Ano Natsu de Matteru episode 12

What a great ending, absolutely great. See, Beelzebub? Now this is how you properly end a good show. It was unexpected, funny, dramatic, romantic and full of action. It’s bound to be great when you have a good combo like that.

The final struggle is at hand when Remon decided to be a decoy as well. Ichika and Kaito kept running towards their location, when suddenly a small army of men in black army shows up to take out those alien rescue pods. That bit was pretty funny, but that smile soon disappeared when Ichika and Kaito reached their destination. It was the right place alright, but it seemed that time has altered a few things. It’s a good thing that the message, the same message that was left behind by an alien, was still completely intact. That’s when Ichika realized that it was time for her to say goodbye. Now that was emotional. I was pretty convinced that she was going to stay after finding that place.

I’m sorry I haven’t written much about it, but it’s late and I’m absolutely tired. The episode really moved me, almost to the point where I would break out in tears. It’s been an emotional day, but I can’t give in to these emotions. I’m a man, hopefully a real man, so I have to stay strong! I will say this; the mix of comedy and drama was just right. I didn’t mind seeing that men in black scene at all.

Oh damn. I don’t know what to say. The ending was really strange. It was definitely the end, but it only made me want to see more of the show. God, what’s wrong with me? There probably won’t be any more of this, so I’ll just end this post by saying one final thing; watch this anime! Give it a try, because you might just love it as much as I did.

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Mar 20, 2012

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Ano Natsu de Matteru episode 11

Awesome, I have been waiting for this all week. It’s a shame that next week’s the final episode, but it’s all good. I cannot believe how well this show has been doing. I actually recommended this to a friend of mine, haha, and he ended up loving every episode of it so far.

I was expecting to see a lot more drama and romance, but I didn’t expect to see Ichika’s older sister. Hell, I didn’t even know she had one. It seems that her ship’s emergency signal reached her home planet, but her sister decided to come herself because the rescue drone’s signal suddenly disappeared. I believe we have young Kaito-kun to thank for that.

Anyway, the gist of it all is; Ichika has to come home. Her family is worried sick and there might trouble if she were to stay on earth. Apparently there’s some galactic law that prevents her from staying on earth and/or taking Kaito with her. It’s quite the predicament they’re in, really. Still, Kaito didn’t want to let go of her just yet, as I’m sure we can all understand. However, it seems that they don’t have a lot of options.

Ichika became really distant after that. Who could blame her? She might end up losing the love of her life and there’s nothing that she can do about it. I wouldn’t want to fill those shoes. But they may have found a way were Kaito and Ichika can stay together, and that’s somehow linked to the place that Ichika has been looking for all this time. Finding that place was a challenge in itself, seeing as it couldn’t be found by Ichika’s superior technology either.

That’s when, with a lot of help from the gang, they managed to find the one spot that Ichika’s sister couldn’t detect. They decided to go for it with the help of Remon-chan and her van. I laughed so hard during that scene. She is so darn little and that car so freakin’ big, her head didn’t even come up above the steering wheel. I could stop laughing, and the fact that she drove that thing like a pro didn’t help either. Remon-chan really is something else…

It all comes down to this; the group had to split up and draw that drone’s attention while Remon, Ichika and Kaito head towards their destination. I’m not sure if that drone is allowed to kill or not, but I’m kind of worried about Kana-chan, who headed out on foot without any form of protection. Being a good friend is one thing, but being reckless is a whole different issue.

I’m really looking forward to the final episode. I have enjoyed each and every episode so far, which is why I have really high hopes for the final episode, or the grand finale if you will. It’s really a shame that there won’t be a second season, but I’m sure that we, the viewers, get rewarded with an OVA or two, but that is still in the future.

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Mar 13, 2012

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Ano Natsu de Matteru episode 10

Woohoo! I have been waiting for this all week. Oh, and don’t worry, I haven’t read the manga yet. It was hard, but I made it. I think this episode should keep me more than satisfied till next week. Yes, it was simply that good.

Man, this episode was epic. Tetsurou finally finally stopped lying to himself. He has been spending a lot of time with Kanna-chan during these harsh few days, but he kept telling himself that he didn’t have any feelings for her. Come on, even his sister was grilling him about the fact that he has never had a girlfriend, purely because of that fact that he only has eyes for Kanna. That’s no way to live your life. That’s why I was proud of him when he finally stood up and confessed to her. The timing could’ve been better, definitely, but he finally did it. After having endured many hardships because of his feelings, he finally did it… Congratulations, you fool!

Meanwhile the relationship between Kaito and Ichika was doing great. Those two match pretty well and seem to be very happy with each other. It’s still a little bit obvious that Ichika is worried about her home planet and about staying on earth, but that’s something that she has to decide for herself. It’ll only be a matter of time before the dominant person in this relationship surfaces and starts bossing the other around. I’m putting my money on Ichika, because no way could Kaito ever fill the shoes of a dominant male. Oh you poor bastard… He smiles now, but that smile will quickly fade when he has to do all the dirty work, and I don’t mean at night.

It’ll only be a matter of time before things work themselves out. Mio-chan is still love with Tetsurou, no matter what he does, so that is something that they will have to work out. And Kanna-chan… Well… I don’t think that she will go back to Tetsurou, seeing as she doesn’t recognize him as a lover. Who knows, maybe she will change her mind or something? It’s my opinion that Tetsurou should just give up on Kanna, she has no interest in him like that. Mio on the other hand is completely into him, so why not give it a shot?

It’s dreadful, but there are only two episodes left. I can’t wait to see what happens next week. I’m really hoping that Mio-chan gets Tetsurou, especially after what she had to go through during their previous trip. Kanna doesn’t deserve him as much as Mio, because she just keeps pushing him away, no matter how much he tries to help her.

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Mar 6, 2012

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Ano Natsu de Matteru episode 09

Damn! I wanted to watch this episode last night, but it seems to have arrived later than I had expected. I have been waiting very patiently for this episode, which, if I may add, was no easy task. I am happy to say that this episode definitely met my expectations, well done!

The story continues as the group recovers from last week’s little incident with Ichika’s rescue pod. Kaito was still a little bit confused after what happened, but that’s only to be expected after what he did. The idiot actually crashed straight towards the escape pod. That kid has balls, I’ll give him that. Then again, I’m sure a lot of guys would’ve done crazy things in order to save their girl.

Anyway, Kaito realized what Ichika really was, an alien. However, he knew already for some time now, which was a little bit surprising. Just a little bit though, as Ichika already performed the craziest things in front of him. What surprised me most during this episode was that Ichika decided to come clean to everyone in the group. She told them about her situation, her planet and what happened earlier. Everyone was a little shocked at first, but nothing really changed in the end, she was still one of ‘them’.

Not much changed after that. Hell, Ichika was the only one who changed. She became very distant after she told everyone the truth. She was under the impression that she had to leave, which is why she kept avoiding Kaito. That is no way to treat your ‘special’ friend. He already knew that she was different, so what’s the problem here? It took Kanna-chan’s brave confrontation to make it clear to her that she did have a choice. A choice to leave or to stay, it was entirely up to her. Keep in mind that this was very brave of Kanna, seeing as she has very strong feelings for Kaito. It takes a lot of willpower and courage to ask your love rival to stay.

A lot of things had happened. Ichika’s secret became known amongst the group, everyone’s feelings have become very clear to one another and things are reaching a conclusion. Ichika finally decided to step up and express her feelings towards Kaito. That’s when Kaito stopped her and went first. Finally! No interruptions, no waiting, no pointless funny business, no… Just a beautiful and long-awaited kiss between two lovebirds!

This was definitely an episode to remember. I enjoyed every minute of it. The drama, the comedy, the romance… It was all great! I can’t wait to see what happens next between Kanna, Ichika and Kaito. I’m not sure what’s going to happen between Tetsurou, Kanna and Mio either. Mio still likes Tetsurou, but Tetsurou still likes Kanna. I guess we’ll have to watch how yet another complicated love triangle unfolds in Ano Natsu de Matteru!

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Feb 29, 2012

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Ano Natsu de Matteru episode 08

Wow, I did not expect this at all. I started watching this episode pretty soon, thinking I would see yet a lot more interruptions during good scenes. Sure, there were some minor interruptions, but that, just like my mind, was completely blown away by what happened during this week’s episode of Ano Natsu de Matteru.

The episode starts out like any other; Kaito is still being his ignorant self, Kanna is still foolishly after Kaito’s heart, Tetsurou is still trying to deal with Mio-chan after her brave confession, Mio-chan remained her old self, but with a new look and then there’s Remon, or more commonly known as the antichrist. She’s always up to something, and usually it’s no good. This time was no exception, but only this time she had Tetsurou’s sister to help her. My god, those two make a deadly combo when it comes to screwing up people’s everyday lives. The big one lures them into her trap, while the little one puts it all on film with a diabolic smile on her face.

Like I said; this week’s episode was no exception. It was yet again time for their annual festival, so it’s only natural for Remon to make her move. The group had very little time to enjoy the festival, seeing as Remon already put her plan in motion by dividing everyone in to pairs. Tetsurou got paired up with Mio, Kaito got paired up with Kanna and Remon stayed with Ichika. A mere coincidence you ask? I think not! Remon was constantly messing with Ichika’s head, filling it with pointless fiction in order to scare the living daylights out of her. Kanna and Kaito didn’t have any luck either, as Kanna realized that he showed very little interest in her. Poor goor…

Meanwhile Tetsurou and Mio were about to experience something entirely unexpected. Remember when I said that his sister was in on it? Well… This is where she decided to make her debut, by practically scaring those two to death. This is when they fell and accidently ended up kissing each other. Seriously, that sort of stuff only happens on TV. I can’t begin to count the times I fell in order to kiss dirt, oh well…

I have a feeling that we haven’t heard the last of this. I’m sure that things will become a little uncomfortable for them in the future. It’s nothing they can’t work out though, especially Mio-chan, seeing as she’s the one who probably enjoyed it the most, with her liking Tetsurou and all…

And that’s when it happened. I never would’ve imagined that it would happen during episode eight, but I can’t say that I’m disappointed. Ichika had gotten herself in a bit of a predicament. You see, her little ‘pet’, Rinnon, had somehow managed to activate the emergency signal on their spaceship. That’s when this strange S.O.S. thing came plummeting down to earth.

Keep in mind that Kaito, who came to Ichika’s aid, leaving Kanna behind, has now laid eyes on this thing, but he was as cool as a cucumber. Hell, he tried to fight it so that Ichika could get away. Poor boy ended up getting hurt, but it was nothing that Ichika’s alien technology couldn’t fix. I guess that this story is about to take whole different direction now that Kaito has found out about Ichika’s little secret. Man, I really want to see what happens! Hurry up, pleaseee~!

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Feb 21, 2012

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Ano Natsu de Matteru episode 07

Finally! I hauled this episode in the moment I laid eyes on it. It was hell waiting for it though, as there were only two seeders and roughly 300 leechers. Still, the episode was well worth the wait. Ano Natsu de Matteru is supposed to be a romantic anime, but how can there be any romance If the characters keep getting interrupted in the middle of a good scene? Strange…

Moving on… The episode picks up where we left off; with Ichika interrupting Kaito’s little moment with his childhood friend, and with Tetsurou running for dear life, hoping he won’t get caught by that pushy girl. Seriously, what’s wrong with her? Being aggressive is one thing, but she is taking it to a whole new level. Isn’t that one of the ways for a person to become a rapist? The fact that they were shooting a movie was just an excuse for them to fool around, or at least try to. Things didn’t really seem to pick up for anyone, as they all just kept getting interrupted as soon as anything happened.

Okay, that wasn’t always the case. Take Tetsurou and Mio; both of them were running away from Chiharu, the world’s most aggressive girl. She followed him everywhere, even when Mio ended up hiding him. However, she became enraged and started badmouthing Mio, saying she was a pervert that gets thrills from not wearing any underwear in public. That’s when Mio told the truth; the fact that she’s a nudist due to the way she was raised. Both her parents are nudists, so being naked at home has become a way of life for her. Also, she has a low blood pressure, resulting in her forgetting to put on underwear from time to time. She never told anyone anything because she was afraid of what people might think of her.

This episode felt like a speed-up of like three episodes. There was so much progress, absolutely unbelievable. Mio-chan finally gathered the courage to confess to Tetsurou, Ichika finally acknowledged her feelings for Kaito and Kanna is starting to make a little bit of progress on being honest with her feelings as well. Still, the relationship between Kaito and Ichika was progressing extraordinarily well, until Kanna interrupted their first kiss. Damn you Kanna, DAMN YOU! The moment was perfect, the night was perfect and the environment was perfect. That must’ve hurt!

You know, it’s strange… I just saw everything that I wanted to see; a relationship between Ichika, Kaito, Mio and Tetsurou. But why do I want to see even more? Why is it that I want to watch next week’s episode right now? I’ll tell you why; Ano Natsu de Matteru is absolutely great! It’s fun to watch, it’s always amusing, the story is very unpredictable and you really get up in the romance. I’d rather see a second season of Ano Natsu de Matteru with one or two episodes, than a second Phi Brain season with twenty-four episodes. I know a lot of people that would agree with me!

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Feb 15, 2012

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Ano Natsu de Matteru episode 06

At last! I’ve been looking forward to this episode all week. I had to know what was going to happen, especially now that both Ichika and Kaito know that Kanna has a thing for Kaito. I was expecting a very awkward episode, but it wasn’t all that bad. Not sure that’s a good or a bad sign.

The episode starts with Kanna calling Kaito to invite him for a trip to Okinawa with the rest of the group. It seems that Tetsurou’s sister cancelled her trip and gave her little brother the tickets. I noticed that Ichika was very agitated and attentive as soon as she realized that he was on the phone with Kanna-chan. Girl, please… he’s not you property, yet! First ask him, clean his house, fix him a sandwich and then drop your pants.

Anyway, all kidding aside… it’s about to get very busy as Kaito meets a childhood friend of his during his time in Okinawa. She seemed too friendly and clingy for my taste, but it sure as hell pissed of Kanna and Ichika off to no end. She was constantly following him around, acting all friendly, being very physical… it’s not surprise that Kanna and Ichika wanted to kill her. Things took an even stranger turn when another girl took an interest in Tetsurou. Mio-chan did not like this, in fact; she got quite militant.

Who knew that a simple holiday filled with sun, seawater and cute girls in tight bikinis could take such a strange turn? Oh wait, I knew. Things got even stranger when their first day came to an end. It was getting dark out and so the group decided to head back to their inn, but only to be followed by those two girls. I mustn’t say that they were followed, as both of them were invited by the diabolical Remon. Did you see the look on the faces of Ichika, Kanna and Mio? Absolutely priceless.

However, their presence didn’t end there. Kaito went out on a walk in the forest with that childhood friend of his, only to be confronted by her. Sure, he told her that he already has someone he liked, but that made matters worse. She started crying, getting a little bit reckless and walked up to Kaito, planning to do god only knows what. It’s a good thing that Ichika, who was looking for him, was there to interrupt before anything happened. Well good for her, but bad for Kaito, who could’ve had a great time if Ichika hadn’t interrupted them.

Meanwhile Tetsurou was still struggling with that annoying girl. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl that pushy, talkative and quite frankly; annoying as hell. She just wouldn’t leave the poor guy alone. He tried to shake her off, but she just kept coming back, wanting to kiss him and whatnot. That’s when Mio walked in and pushed her away, only to trip and fall on top of Tetsurou, thereby exposing her naked ass to him. Oh Mio-chan… you’re making it too obvious that you have feelings for him…

You know… I finished watching the episode and found myself asking the same question over and over again; where the hell were girls like that when I was growing up? I never had any girl in the whole of my school that went commando like that. Why god, why!? Then again… most of the time I already had a girlfriend during my school days, but don’t get me wrong, it was usually the same girl for a very long period of time. I’m loyal stupid like that. Anyway, hurry up, I want to see another episode of Ano Natsu de Matteru!

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Feb 8, 2012

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Ano Natsu de Matteru episode 05

They weren’t kidding with the name Ano Natsu de Matteru. The story got a huge boost during this episode, seeing as a lot of things have happened. This was definitely a must-see episode. The only thing wrong with this episode is that it only lasted twenty minutes.

The story continues as their summer vacation has just started. Naturally they all come together in order to shoot a film, after all; they are the film club. Tetsurou played some character from Men in Black while Ichika played the role of the alien. I’m sure she loved the irony, god knows I did. It was a very confusing and strange script. The only good lines came out of Ichika’s mouth, the rest was absolutely nonsense. Why you ask? Remon wrote it, enough said.

Ichika and Kaito were getting a lot of alone time, and Kanna took notice of that. She wasn’t pleased to see him hang around with her so much. Jealousy truly is a green-eyed monster. It’s a vicious circle of love they find themselves in, and eventually people will get hurt by it. I’m not sure why Tetsurou helps Kanna and Kaito so much, seeing as he’s the one that likes Kanna. Idiot will only end up hurting himself.

Anyway, the day came to an end and they all went home. Kanna, due to circumstances beyond her control, ended up at Kaito’s house. Things got a little awkward for her when Kaito only paid attention to Ichika. She started asking all sorts of questions and whatnot, but she ended up asking the one question that caught all of their attention. “So Ichika, when exactly are you going home?” she asked, after which it got a little quiet. Sure, she regretted having asked that, but it was a pretty valid question. It sure got Kaito thinking.

You’d think that the episode was pretty much over, but no! Kanna encountered Tetsurou while walking home, only to tell him what happened. There he tells her that he knew about her feelings for Kaito, after which Kanna tells him even more. This resulted in Tetsurou paying an unexpected visit to Kaito in the middle of the night, telling him in secret that Kanna is actually in love with him. He was shocked, and so was Ichika, seeing as she was listening in on their conversation. If all the anime I’ve watched up until have taught me anything, it’s that the next episode is going to be a whole lot of fun to watch.

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